mp10 uber carry service 5mil no machines

i am doing mp10 carries for free if you have 3 machines and those who doesnt have machines i charge 5m. the run usually takes 15-20mins at most. you dont have to worry about your dps or skills as i do all the work. you get all 3 pieces from ubers + possible legendary drop and demonic essence.

free - your 3 machines
5m - no machines

battletag: banny26#1509 or ma12dy#1854 he does carries too if i cant grant your request because of too many people requesting.

Please put in the subject if you have 3 machines or no machines if your adding us. Thank You!
request sent
up for another run!
Ola mi amigo!!!

Request sent LOL!!!
tei whats up bro! hahaha
online now
Ill do one with you, adding.
now online
online and ready for service
fast and easy run, recommended.
now online
Just finished a few runs with him, he was fast and polite and explained things since it was my first time.

If your looking for someone to run you i would recommend him.

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