How much to spend on a weapon (HC AH)


I'm trying to decide how much to pay for a weapon for my HC Monk. You don't necessarily have to play HC to voice your thoughts, though if you do have HC specific insights that's great.

For reference, I've spent a total of 30M on this guy so far, and the weapon cost 4.8M (buyout)

I feel like I've finally hit the inflection point in the HC market, where gear to improve your Monk jumps in price. In the SC market, though, when most people feel they've hit that point, I find that they're not looking hard enough. The SC market is fairly "smooth" in my opinion, and although gear gets more and more expensive, there are always deals and prices don't really "jump" at any point. I haven't really gotten to the top of the SC market, though, so maybe there it's different?

The HC market is so comparatively sparse, I'm not so sure about it. I have a hard time even finding an upgrade at ANY price sometimes.

Anyway, I just came into about 50M to 60M gold. Do you think I'm really at a point where prices jump? Given what you know about the HC market (even if all you know now is how much I spent: 30M total, 5M in the weapon), how much would you pay for a new weapon that:

1. was a dagger or IAS fist/sword
2. had a socket instead of CD
3. had the same stats as my current weapon but 50 more DPS.
I'm sure you know what weapon suits your playstyle best and the amount you'll have to spend on it.

gl on bid
That's.... erm... the sword....

Trying to avoid advertising the exact sword too much here, Jco :)

I only had 22M as of last night, so I put it all on it. I was out bid as of this morning. I should have about 50M to 60M now that my auctions have finished. I'm at lunch at work right now.

The big question is: Should I call my wife and have her log in for me and put 50M on that thing, or given that I only have 30M of gear on my Monk right now, is that a horribly inefficient way to spend my cash. Should I just be more patient and look for better deals?
That sword is extremely well balanced. I'd bid on it, however, I've heard from a few guys they are going to bid also and I did not want to get into a bidding war with friends. Also, they were planning on bidding 100M or more if necessary. If I was in your shoes, bid the most you want to pay and if you don't get it, at least you tried. Your current weapon is very good already.
I had my wife put in a bid of 45M for me. She said I was winning for about 30 seconds. Those friends of yours reading this thread? [ If you guys are reading this... I'm out. :) ]

It's a shame because it just seems so hard to find any weapons that are upgrades to the one I bought for less than 5M. I'm starting to feel that way about all my gear. When I try to upgrade now, it seems its all "Pay 12M, gain 5% DPS, lose some mitigation and lose 3% EHP". Few upgrades and lots of sidegrades. I generally consider 1 Dex = 1 Vit across the board, but even not being picky which of those I get, there seem to be few upgrades out there.

Upgrades to my bracers do not exist. Getting move speed on my boots seems impossible without losing both EHP and DPS. (I think there is one pair where I gain 20 Dex but lose 100 Vit, gain some resist but lose 300 armor.) Don't think I'm replacing my pants any time soon. I went to check the price of a Vile Ward with Fire resist and Vit. There aren't any. Gah!

I originally liked the HC economy when I started. I had to scavenge through the AH for deals and make tougher decisions than in SC. The less liquid market was more interesting. It was a lot of fun to use what I paid too much to learn in SC and have a clean slate to start over. I just didn't think I'd hit the point that I'm at so soon.

Eh... this is all just venting I guess. Maybe I'll spend more time on my new Wizard. I have no idea how to play one and should probably be able to kill her off in a week or so if I stick at it.
Yea, the HC AH was a lot easier a few months ago. It seems now a lot of the good gear gets picked up by the d2jsp flippers (Armyballer, Chosan, etc...). It's a pain trying to get reasonably priced upgrades. Eventually something will turn up which is a good fit for you.

Lately, I've been getting gear on d2jsp, you can still get deals if you are on it a lot and BIN.
Hey jco,

If you happen to find out, I'd be curious to know what the sword actually sold for. By the time I next log in, the auction is over and it'll be removed from my list.

[EDIT: I just lol'd when I noticed that you removed the sword details from your post... Very cool of you. Totally not necessary, but very cool :) ]

Bought by a friend.

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