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Hello everyone,
I recently got my wizard to level 60 and was working on him. I watched lots of videos on gear guides and how to play as archon. My biggest problem is improving my dps.
At the moment i have 12mil and i would like to further improve my dps. After watching all the gear guide videos im still lost on improving my dps, so if some of you dont mind could you tell me which pieces to upgrade and what i should look for when selecting new ones.
Thanks for your time!
well with 12 mil you can probably upgrade a few pieces... first off get yourself a new source with higher avg dmg..... upgrade the gem in your weapon, try to find a better ring... a litany ring is pretty good high int resist all cc you can probably grab one for cheap..
Well some real quick easy ideas are to get better gems.

With 12 million you can get a better green gem and up your Critical Damage by 20% minimum up to 50% (tho best gem is around 18 million on AH ATM).

Better gem on your ring will be higher int, but I would invest in the green gem that will give the biggest bang for the buck.

Next I would focus on two more areas you can decide which first.
1. You have no attack speed on your rings or gloves. Add some there and you'll see a big boost in DPS.
2. You can get a far better Triumverate (200-250 AVG DMG) and 200 INT, look for 6/6/5 on % bonus for around 10-15 million.

Good luck!
K i bought new gloves and a ring that have attack speed on them, so then triumverate is next along with the gems any other suggestions? Which ty for help so far :D

Edit: Wow yeah the increased weapon speed really helped ty so much for that
Another cheaper thing to try is an Andariel's Visage helm. That will have Attack Speed (8-9) and 4.5 crit. They usually have around 150+ INT. Be careful tho, these helms have a penalty of extra fire damage. So when checking on the Auction House, look for as low as possible % extra fire damage taken. Some are as high as 28%, look for one with 12% or less. There are some with only 5% but they can get expensive.

After that look for improving the INT on your belt. It currently has a high VIT/STR which is great for mitigation. If you can find similar stats with 100 INT you'll see another big boost.

Or better yet look for a Witching Hour which adds attack speed (8-9) and critical damage (30-44). However to get one with comparable VIT and ALL RES would be very expensive. Getting less VIT on a Witching Hour will be cheaper and you can make it up on other items.

Something to shoot for!

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