Free Gear and Advice for *NEW* Players!

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Hello folks, I'm quite new to the barbarian and hoping to get some helpful tips, and perhaps a rush so I can get to that Inferno grind.

I have a Demon Hunter but he seems rather stuck between MP 1 and 2, so was hoping for something a bit different. I hear the Barbarian can hold his own without spending a fortune on gear in the higher MP levels, I'd like to get some of those Hellfire rings but my DH seems too wimpy for it.

Hello there, please count me in. I would like to improve my barb too, thank you!!! :):):)
I am not "new" so I understand if there is no charity. I beat inferno pre 1.0.3....but I barely did it, and there was some running.

I am sure my gear is complete crap now but I am starting to play again!
I don't know if anyone here will power level you. Try the Looking for Group (PVE) section of the forum for power leveling service --

I don't think you qualify as a "new" player. lol

Welcome back! Check the sticky -- and read up on the current builds. Once you've decided which route you wish to take, you can post here again for help.

If you are looking into wwnado as per the build on your profile, you can check out these two threads:
Level 41 barb reporting in. My account is only 4 days old if that and I could use any help that I can get (powerleveling, gear, tips) hit me up Brendon#1993.
Oh and thank you guys for this service!
Msg me when you get to 60
I have a bunch of starter gear collected from Uber runs I can give ya to start farming Inferno
I just want to thank everyone that has kept the spirit of this thread alive. I have not been able to take the time to bump/update this thread like i used to be able to and thank you again to those helping out the baby barbs!
I've a few IK pieces and whatnot to give away again. Add me up and message me about needing help as a barb.
EDIT: Just so you can get a good laugh i wont delete the thread . I just noticed im in US forum :)))) :D

Hey all, I think this is a great idea to help out new barbs. I will gladly help ( my barb also needs gearpimpin but @ a higher level - not asking for help :P - ) . I also throw away alot of usefull 250-500k ers as to not clog up the AH spots. I can also assist with advice and helping with a boss or smth sometimes. ( as long as you dont spam me ofc :D ) . Feel free to add me ingame. Drakecrystal#2773
Been trying to start up a barbarian but really seems hard to find the weapons with my poor DH... Even getting a low IK armor/belt/glove/boot will be great as I'm currently trying to save up 10million to get a set of entry-level equipments

I dont know if this is still going on, however, i started playing when game first came out but started graduate school so had to cut down on my playing time, finally got those hectic classes out of the way and I am looking to finish my barb I am lvl 59 about to complete hell but I have no gear. If this service of advice/gear is still going on can someone please add me?

Thanks for the information. I would also like to than PikkaGTR for the chat last night and a few pointers.

I cleared seigebreaker through azmodan with full NV stacks @ MP3. My profile has updated with my 'progression' gear. I may swap out some more of my MF pieces. Honestly I was running the same way I was back in 1.0.2. Same spec, etc... still seemed to work for DT
hey! im not that new, but i wanted some help to upgrade, u think i can upgrade a litle dps with 100 mil, keeping defenses as they are?
I am a pretty new barb even thought my account might not say so. I got the game when it came out but then after about 3 or 4 weeks i stopped playing. As much as free stuff is wonderful, i am more curious about the barbs work? What are the different builds? what are the pros and cons of leveling one set up to another, how the leveling should be done? If there is a guide that covers these ideas would you be kind enough to direct me or if not you can message here or in game whichever is fine with me. Also what are the pros and cons between the barb and the monk since i do have a level 53 monk at the moment that I was leveling before i stopped playing. Thank you very much for your time
if you could add me it be awesome i am Romes#1419

You can read about the various builds here:
hey thank you for the link, finding out a lot of interesting information, in your opinion guys though, what did you find a good way to level, build wise and play style? or it really doesnt matter up to a certain point? just want to hear personal opinion on that

wwnado is the fastest for paragon leveling, but does have a steeper learning curve (best if you can find someone to guide you on its finer points in-game -- Fury management and what nots).

HotA/Rend is the better bossing build. If you like seeing big crits, this is the build for you.

Pure Weapon Throw + Ancient Spear if you like to play a ranged barb. Decent for lower MPs. Won't recommend it if you want to go to higher MPs as this build can't maintain perma-Wrath of the Berserker.

Seismic Slam if you want to go higher MP with weaker gear. SS: Rumble with enough Life on Hit = kind of like god mode (as long as you don't run out of Fury). SS also hit monsters in an arc (almost 1/4 of a standard screen).
I don't think you qualify as a "new" player. lol

Hehehe oh well, it was worth the try! Thanks by the way and gl :)
This is my profile

Can you help in pointing out what i have to upgrade or change?. I definitely know one among them is the weapon since i have no LS on my weapon. I wanna go mp5 or above. Can you please help me out?
Yeah i am planning to buy lacuni for bracers.. Need your help in getting the most DPS.
Anyone mind taking another quick look at my WW barb gear? I made some purchases. I am still using a 2 hander. I can move to 1h'ers but man they are pricey for that damage and CD...

Also I think I need more movement speed and IAS. I have some 12 speed boots that are really only short 50 STR compared to the boots in my profile. I just dont have them equipped as I dont think they help until you get like 24 movement speed.

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