Dueling Barbs

Demon Hunter
where is the update between glitz and Iria? Kept reading this thread waitin for an update to their encounter with one another in PTR but have not heard any results?
I never dueled anyone seriously with my full tank barb as I cannot kill anyone at all (9k dps lol). Some players just don't have the dps to penetrate my defenses and I expect I am even harder to kill than FriendlyFade lol.
would make an educated guess.... tag-team would be in order..... either WD or Wiz to turn you into a pig and a DH to dps you down or a real freezer wiz with a DH.

super High EHP always an issue for about anyone. it would almost certainly need to be a manti user using clusterbombs amongst other skills but most likely would have issues doing it solo unless one wants to go 30min rounds. ... least that would be my guess on it.

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