Upgrading my barbarians gear advice


Well I need help with my gearing. My gear is not great or dont even know if it is average. But the thing is I do really want to play with the monster power +5 at least, hopefully someday 10 :) but as you see my barbarian aint geared up right...

So is there any guru who might know a thing or two about gears and could point me to the right direction?

Like witch gear I should change first and as for budget max 50 million?! Is it even possible?
Do I even have any gear thats good enough?

And whats the weakest. I think I need more life, cause I die very much instantly on the higher mp levels.

Thanks in advance
Hope fully I'll be owning the !@#$ out of the mobs in mp10 soon ;)

Edit** the link to my barb:

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