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Hi Blizzard I'm just wondering if legendary items will get quick search functions just like the rares.

The problem is all legendary items are somehow random in affixes so the lack of 'Search Similar' function of the affixes of legendary items mean that if you want to find similar legendary items on the AH you have to manually type in the affixes every time. The drop rate for legendary items have been doubled and they have been buffed relatively to rares. Most items which worth to be sold in the AH are now legendary. Therefore, there is a great deal of time wasted by sellers in manually typing in affixes instead of search similar items by affix like rares...Further, by easier search, players will be able to price their items easier, faster and more accurate for the ability instantly checking the current market price - making it a lot less likely for some impatient sellers to post an irrational price, adding pricing/information efficiency. It contributes to affordability because pricing/information efficiency makes sellers more aware of competitors' pricing, forcing them to increase their competitiveness by lowering price - benefits the players who buy.

e.g. if I have a lacuni with stat, allres and cc, and want to know the market price of it, I have to painfully use mouse to find the 3 affixes and type in values for each. It's really boring. I wish I can finish this admin stuff ASAP and get back to actual game.

Of course some special affixes may not be added that is totally understandable. But at least allow the 'search similar' for the random roll affixes such as main stat, cc and allres etc etc. It will make this part of the game a lot easier - and the less time they spend doing 'admin' work the more time they play and enjoy more of the game.

I do not see the lack of such function as an intended design because the rare items have it and clearly no fun can be possibly made from it.
Therefore, I'd like to see if Blizzard will add an ability to quickly search for legendary items with certain legendary items in 'Search similar' function.

Many thanks in advance.
right click on your item there is an option to search similiar
01/24/2013 10:37 AMPosted by Gaolinde
right click on your item there is an option to search similiar

The title says "LEGENDARY ITEMS"

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