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I first downloaded the game when it first came out and had the same problem then fixed it. I just updated the game to start playing again and im back to the same problem. I log in hit play, then i can hear the music but can't see just like last time. I cannot remember what i did last time to fix it please help!

It's often just a setting in the D3Prefs.txt file that's beyond what your display device can handle, such as if you were using an HDTV as a monitor sometimes.

Try deleting the prefs file first, then starting the game again. It will use default values that should allow the game to come up the next time it's run.

The file is located in your My Documents\Diablo III folder.
By all means try the Blue advice, but it is possible you did the same thing I had to do. Run it in windowed mode! To set that from outside the game

a. Navigate to My Documents>Diablo III > D3Prefs.txt
b. Edit DisplayModeWindowMode "0" to say DisplayModeWindowMode "1"
d. Restart Game

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