Warning! "Battlenet GM Whisper" SCAM!

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Got whisper from "Battlenet GM" WARNING. ITS SCAM!
DO NOT go to website call GM-battle.net

Check out image below
I don't know why the image asks the question of real or fake when it is fake though the telltale signs are subtle.
this happened to me today i just ignore and report
Ignore and report, if Blizzard ever contacts you ingame(which they won't) it shows in blue text with a 'Blizz' logo next to it, that's how they stop people impersonating them.

Purple text is always a scammer, they can't imitate the blue text.
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
this same clown tried this trick on me the other night on EU server, guess its just a new scam going around to steal peoples account details etc.

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