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Hay guys

I just want to know what the reason is that if people want to participate in the PTR they have to re-download the entire game again. Couldn't the ptr down loader clone the game files and then just download the patch for the change?

Was really keen to check it out but I cant download the entire game for each ptr.

That's just the way it was decided to run the PTR. It's a completely separate client. It's optional so you don't have to run it, but if you decide you'd like to, it's going to require the download.
Thanks for reply.

I understand that I dont have to do it but I would like to and I think more people would participate if they didnt have to download the entire game each time. For people who have limited Internet its makes it really hard.
didnt even bother to answer the question. the question is why? PTR and retail basically share the same files, PTR is just a more updated version. probably pointed to separate set of servers. so why was there a need to redownload everything when 99% is already in the hard drive?
ya i want to play the ptr but its gonna take me like 2 days to download it because of this raggedy internet in the barracks on this base.SUCKS!
I have unlimited Internet and I can not carry the whole game ..... Is there an alternative solution?
HATCHNASTY, US military base? Ask my grandpa what the 'rax were like in WW2 ;)
so i can't use my hardcopy of the game to speed up the download?

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