Amulet Duping Happening Right Now

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bump, we demand a blue answer
this too..

3 duplicated items on gold ah now

im so sick of them
this is totally wrong, why cant they be stopped? whats the point of playing when they can dup n sell, while we farm all day/ night for a good roll item??
There are a TON of dupes now. While I reserved most of my criticisms against D3 on these forums, this is unacceptable. We are required to play online so that things like this can't happen. I know with gold farming it's difficult to ban everyone because they crop up all the time, but there should have already been punishments/preventions in place to stop rollback duping. Blizzard said they were going to do bound on account items when they did rollbacks. Has this even been implemented yet??????
ridiculous that there hasn't been a blue response yet. even "we are working on it" or "we are investigating".
01/22/2013 06:01 AMPosted by DrGreen
bunch of puzzies , duping was way worst in D2 , id say that 40 % of highest tier items were duped if not more , and no one complained at that time , it was so bad that they had to introduce ladders in 2004 just to sink all those dupes every season.

Yes but that wasn't always online. This game is and was made that way to prevent things like this.
01/21/2013 12:07 PMPosted by FooTWO
It what way at these identical other than the name? Gee whiz idiot. 6% CC heck that not all that great. That means they can all roll between 6% and 10%. And only 65% CD, that means there is a 35% margin. And just 8% AS, that means there can be 8% and 9%. Multiply out the possibilities, and you only see 7 of them on the AH, that is hardly dupes of any sort. You need better evidence than this BS.

For items to get the exact same stats as another item is a very very low odds. (for rares). for legendaries a lot of the stats are predetermined, but it is still hard to find them with the same stats unless duped. There really should be no 2 of the same exact item. Unless they are perfect legendaries. (rares should never be the same, they go through 2 different processes. The first process selects the name for the item, the next one selects the stats) For a rare with 2 different names with the same stats is ok, but to have 2 rares with the same name and stats should be impossible.
I personally bought the 2 emeralds in my manticore for 6m apiece when the market was flooded with blizzards roll back gems, so if those get taken it's no real loss, but the implications of such actions translate into a loss of faith in the only mass market avenue we have for our goods. The bigger issue is if some one unknowingly buys a 1.2B gold item that was a "dupe" and that item gets purged for being a clone...

Oh my another PR nightmare.
I skipped a bunch of pages but there are also 3 of the same exact tri zuni pox on the gold ah as well. Seen this earlier this week and they were back on as of last night. All the same dura as well.
Bump til Blue answers
Even the auction time is closely enough to suggest suspicion,DUPE TOME OF SECRETS lol dont ruin the game
Bump. We demand a blue response.
Bump. We demand more AND CHEAPER dupes.
Bump this thread up.

I normally don't post on the forums, just read the trending topics. But this OP definitely caught my attention. The prevalency of these dupes is getting to the point of excessive, and the severity is getting worse. I keep seeing threads with topics related to duping or blacksmith exploits. I wouldn't be this concerned if anyone from Blizzard actually took the time to comment on this and say they are investigating or something to that effect. But it's as if they ignore the community's valid observations, or they notice them, keep it hush hush, and investigate silently. I highly disagree with my second implication of silent investigation, and think that Blizzard should inform us that they are doing something to investigate or resolve this issue. Clearly there is a duping cheat out there that is being exploited (by an idiot because who dupes high profile items and posts them all on AH at the same time? Kind of baiting yourself out..) and Blizzard should be responsible enough to at least acknowledge a "potential" dupe (eventhough we know its true) and a corresponding investigation or something. Eventhough these duped items are in fact electronic, intangeable items, they still are worth a monetary value, which again Blizzard created, and so should be investigated.

Although Blizzard likes to update us about Patches, Developer's lives, Poll's on environments and other game related things, they should also hold the same importance for dupes and exploits as they do for updates/patches and should keep their community informed. I think it would instil at least a "sense" of understanding and security to its very perceptive community of dedicated players.

I'm not in any way complaining about players getting rich or powerful, whatever, i got gold. It's just that when duping like this occurs, the AH system becomes unbalanced (as if it wasn't already FUBAR), and the whole premise behind an economy is balance and sustainability. Blizzard created there own economy which in fact is worth real money, and in turn I believe Blizzard is responsible for informing their community of their commitment (or lack thereof) to investigate these duping concerns.
I skipped to the end, but there is also 4 of the same Trifecta Nats rings on the AH, all for way cheaper then you would think they would be.
I wouldn't mind so much if the dupers weren't making more than 100 USD for every duped item.

Come on Bliz, you'll make more commission per sold item on RMAH if you stop duping and prices go up.
bump and congrats to whoever is duping these items.

Any dupes on the RMAH, or probably these guys are just selling their gold - easiest $$ ever.

Online mode only = WIN hahahahaha
Out4blood, I'm losing faith in the blue's saying "we will investigate and we take this very seriously." We need more than just words. They told us a while ago they were thinking of implementing a bound-on-account items rule when they rollback. If Blizzard dragged their feet on this issue and nothing has been implemented to stop rollback duping, what good is their word? I'm losing my patience with just words. And I'm sure a lot of other people lost their patience a heck of a lot sooner than I did.
Inacceptable!!! Blue, what are you doing about that!
At least tell us that your looking into it!
Not taking sides here, but if there was a easy dupe method id think a few more than 15 players would have that ammy. In D2 some duel games were littered with those 7 7 dual leech and soj rings. If there is a dupe method, it must be really hard to do.

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