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Hey, Im looking for some high DPS gear peices, I would love to run a bears build if theres a way I can have alot of mana regen + DPS, is Acid Cloud more efficient then Bears for DPS? I have 100 Million gold budget (I can go slightly over). If any1 can gimme a quick gear set that would allow me to do over 60-70k DPS unbuffed (if thats possible) and tell me if I should go Acid Cloud or Bears. Thx guys.
Bears are lame man, so overplayed. I would suggest you try another build, mine works well. All my gear was under $100million as well, and I have 90K DPS without PtV, and virtually unlimited mana.
Note I found my ammy, I didn't purchase it. A good ammy may put you in excess of your budget.
Bears are overplayed for a reason. Acid cloud is mostly used for Loh/CC proc and clearing fodder. Bears is mostly used to kill elites and close range high HP mobs. There are builds where you can support both (mine for example).(Though it goes way above the 100 mil budget)
I am a fan of the bears... but you need to play around with it first. See if you like the close-range AoE spam fest. If you want to support a bears build, look into getting the 4p Zuni set (typically helm/chest/rings/boots is most common, which frees up your mojo for anything). Look at my gear if you want to go bears... though its tallied up over 100m. Just avoid attack speed (or use little of) and stack CC and CD. And getting a weapon with life steal is usually best for bears, unless you go Jimbob's route with Bears/Acid Cloud build.

(looking at my build now, you may want to ignore the runes, etc. I am logged out in my "fast/speed mp1 farming runs" build.)
ya, as mentioned 4 piece zuni is good for a bears build. The dps of bears is almost a requirement if you intend on running at higher MP's. At mp1, i can run with strictly acid cloud as it is enough to demolish everything...but for mp5+, killing with just acid cloud, especially against elites, is very slow.

i don't know if you can get 4 piece zuni set and still have left over gold for the rest of your gear and stay within the 100 mill budget but perhaps.

Make sure rings have int, CC and CD which can be had these days relatively cheap.

You can get some decent weaps without socket but with crit chance for cheap. My original Carving knife was a 842 weap with very high int, vit, 3% LS and 100% crit dmg which i picked up for 1.5 mill...or you can go with any weap with higher dps and some crit....but the LS comes in handy against reflect...so the carving knife is a good choice for that.

edit: Forgot to mention...if you are running up against your budget, i'd go with a Thing of the Deep...a very decent one can be had in the 7-8mill range.
Cool , so should I keep my 4 Zuni peices or do I need to sell the mojo and get helm?

And how do u get "unlimited" mana?
and the pickup radius is fairly nice as well, sockets for the set would help as well, granted I am fairly new with my witch doctor. Been having fun with her though, reminds me a bit on d2 with my Necromancer but just a little bit.
There is no such thing as unlimited mana. Different MP and player skill levels can make it seem like it at times. What I think people mean when they say unlimited is "sufficient", as in, you have enough do deal with all situations you think you will find yourself in when playing.

But Bears drain the mana pool oh so quickly, you you won't be spamming for very long. Key is to adapt the spamming to a suitable level for you.
Spend some time reading the New to Level 60 Section of

Index to Witch Doctor Builds and Guides

Also, read through the builds you are interested in and decide on the one you want to use. If you have a question about a build you can post in the build's thread or start a new post.
I've just picked up my WD few days ago after my Barb meet 100.

Get yourself a Thing of the Deep and a Manajama knife (it's the cheapest weapon with LS and Crit dmg, the socketed one is expensive tho), and spec GI/GF.

My WD can farm faster than my Barb with half the dps.
Sorry to say but 100m won't do much. A good ammy, mojo or Zuni chest alone would set you back 50m. And you can forget about Manajuma Carving Knife with socket.

But 4-set Zuni is a must if you want to spam bears. Mix it with Blood Ritual if your HP > 45k and VQ or Spritual Attunement then you should be able to spam ZB till elites are dead. Alternate with Darts or ROT or Spiders to allow quick mana regen before stampeding again.

There is no satisfaction like watching your bears crit for 500k yellow numbers while mobs/elites fly off from the stampede. Absolutely powerful!
What if I up my budget to 150m-200m ? Thing of the deep for mojo , 4 peice Zuni and manujama carving knife?
For 100m you can do very well, prob around 100k dps well in fact. Mana regen zuni w similar stats to mine w cc are around 8-10m. Look for a zuni chest w 130-160 int/vit for around the same. Go with rare pants, the ones on my wiz were less than 1m and were on my wd before my dds. I paid around 8 for my zuni boots on wd, 6m for the ones on my wiz. My ToTD was only 3m. Look for around 200-250 avg damage. There are always ones in there that are mispriced. My WH was around 20m on bid. Pick up a zuni ring w avg damage for around 10-15m and a rare w cc/cd. I have a cd/cc ammy w int/vit and socket will sell you for well below the ah price even. Even my weapon was only 2m on bid.. If you go with a manajuma weapon you don't really have to worry about LoH. Is all about circumstances and knowing that you can do a lot with a little if you find the right deal and don't mind possibly waiting a day.

If you want, I can shop with you tonight even. Or just use my gear as a blueprint. The ammy, pants, chest and helm are the only thing that you prob won't be able to come up with matching.

My set currently-


Minus my big priced items you are around 94-95m with slightly lesser gear replacing it.
I have gear on my wd thats for sale.
No ammy atm but when i did have an ammy, my dps was easily 130k
Have good mana regen, if you want more regen swap out my totd for a zuni string.
I use the totd for farming and pickup radius.
hit me up with an offer if you want any pieces.
01/23/2013 10:41 AMPosted by SmOkeDOut
What if I up my budget to 150m-200m ? Thing of the deep for mojo , 4 peice Zuni and manujama carving knife?

you can do it for 200m but you won't be buying the elite pieces. For example, a 250+ int ZUni helm with 5%+ Crit chance is 200m

so you will have to aim lower, but you can definitely put together a gear set for 200m

So my build would probably set you back around 80 million I believe. I appear to be doing alright except for the critical chance. I think the largest part that will set you back for a budget build will be the Witching Hour belt. Try scouting around for some great deals for example my Skorn only cost me 1 million. Amulet 1.5 mil as well as my armour. I'm sure you'll be able to make a decent build :)

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