Pillz is back! and doing well!

Played with him last night. Cool guy. He said he might roll another Wiz. meanwhile he was playing DH.

I am still around. I sold my wiz about 2 weeks ago because I broke my hand on new years by falling out of a moving car. (long story, I posted about it a while ago) and I could not play CM/WW without stuffing myself full of hydrocodine. (not really a bad way to play IMO)

Next month I am getting a less invasive cast and so I am going to be re-making my CM/WW wiz, however this one is going to be built for PVE and PVP. I am also going to wait to see how bliz handles this black Weapon fiasco.
I strongly recommend building cm/ww with zuni set. Pox (ias/cc/AR or cc/cd/ar), chest, and shoes. Those three first then I say you need IAS/CD/CC ring (doesn't have to be nat ring), mempo cc helm, vile shoulder, ehp rare pants, LOH/ias/cc/cd amulet (or BT pants/trifecta amulet), lacuni, wh, then as you said, trivumlate and fast ias, socket, cd, loh black weapon knowing that you don't need 2.73 as we discussed last night.

what do you think?
^that sounds about right. EHP>DPS>IAS

One thing I have experimented with lately is stacking Life Regen. It has worked miracles with my DH and WD and I think for ranged classes it trumps over LOH. I am planning on getting 2k+ life regen on my next wiz which really is not that hard to do since every piece of gear can roll up to 300+

I am also going to move away from the Chants set and look to get a fast black weapon like a rare knife with 1.65 ias + OS to go with a Trium force with APOC.

Yeah, in pve the high ias really is awesome, but in PvP it is not really needed since you are going to be relying on burst damage. I am going to be sticking around the 2.5 AS point with 60+CC so that I can still switch to cm/ww in pve while I am not dueling.
Only question I have is if you are not getting Chant set, where are you going to get another 8-10APOC? Does that mean you have to wear Storm cc instead of Mempo with cc Helm?
Good question. I am leaning toward the storm crow, but I might change my mind and get a black wand instead with apoc. Mempos just have so much EHP and dps....
Back for 2seconds and you get a Blue response to your thread Pillz - realllllly?
no way....

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