No Black Weapon Nerf

01/22/2013 02:32 PMPosted by Saythe
Currently, the plan is that at such a time that we address the bug, the bug fix will only apply to newly created items, so as to not adversely affect existing items.

Correct me if I'm wrong. Does this mean that when they fix this "bug" in patch X.XX, our legacy black weapons will rule over the market?
I'm still curious though, in the hypothetical scenario that this bug is fixed, will it be a buff or a nerf?

I think the theorycrafting folk would really appreciate clarification on what the expected proper behavior of the minmaxdam affix is.

If and when we consider making adjustments to the MinMaxDamage affix (whether it be a bug fix or some other change), we’ll be sure to let you know in advance or otherwise provide as much warning as possible. We haven’t decided on anything yet, though, or really even discussed much in the way of possible changes. So, while I definitely admire theorycrafting and appreciate why you’re posting the hypothetical, there’s not a lot more clarity to provide other than what I’ve already given. It’d just be speculation at that point, and that’s not a very good role for me or any Community Manager to really serve.
if they fix it, it will be a damage buff.

(Basemin + Bonusmin)+1 + bonusmax < basemax + bonusmin + bonusmax
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i had posted that problems for 1 week ago but Bliz don't do anything
im glad i didnt panic. some dudes were all like "aim sell your sickle man about to be worthless" im like so what i like it.

eric didnt like it

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