Locust/Pestilence & my build/gear

Witch Doctor
I hit 60 yesterday and had a WD friend help me a bit
I'm using this build to farm lower mp for now
Any suggestions?
Are any skills I'm using garbage that should be changed out?

Thanks in advance,
Azakiah(pro monk/noob doctor)
You're in pretty good shape. Get your Crit Damage up, easiest way would be a socketed weapon. Would be tempted to change the Locust rune to Devouring and Sac rune to Pride (lets you spam Bears all day), and maybe pick up a Witching Hour. Apart from that, you're in a good place to start messing with builds til you find one you're comfortable with.
You need a witching hour. Get one with armor (WDs always have a problem getting their armor up). Otherwise, your build looks pretty enjoyable. I always wanted to try to use sacrifice the way you are doing it. If you plan on using that build for a while (it really only works on lower MP because you need the fast kills), you will want to pick up some more pickup radius on all pieces of your gear (you can't get too much). You could try Spirit vessel since it will help to reduce your cool down on spirit walk (though I am not sure if that will help you to spam spirit walk more or if the extra dps from gruesome feast is needed)...obviously movement speed is needed when farming xp but not at the expense of failing to one-shot the mobs). Lastly, I've seen many people use locust swarm, but I thought it was awful for its mana cost. Maybe there is a glitch they are exploiting that I don't know about? Bears does more potential damage for its mana cost than locust swarm, but bears requires casting time for that damage. Haunt on the other hand, is like locust swarm and does more damage and can actually restore mana (draining spirit). However, locusts can jump to multiple targets; and if it jumps to three targets, it will result in doing more damage than haunt, however, it will cost you 1 bears attack as a result of its extra mana cost, so in the end you are actually losing dps by using locusts. You may want to try to replace it with mass confusion (paranoia) for extra dps as well as crowd control. Plus the monkey is awesome. On the lower MP, mass confusion will allow you to kill elite packs before they even have a chance to attack you. Its nice.
circle of life and sacrifice fills too similar a roll in farming as pestilence. i would focus on doing one or the other.

try out this build, you got movement from stalker and jaunt, low mana targetted dps from ghost bomb, elite killer with zombie bears, 1 shot groups of trash with vengeful spirit, and pestilence for everything else.!WYT!ccZcaa
get 20% more crit chance and your dps should double (ring/ammy/head).

i see you have a plvl100 monk.. particular reason why you gave up on him?
get 20% more crit chance and your dps should double (ring/ammy/head).

i see you have a plvl100 monk.. particular reason why you gave up on him?

plvl100 isn't 'giving up'. It's called 'finished'. ;)
My monk is a certified boss, and I love him. I found myself wanting to upgrade his gloves and amulet for the past month or two, then they announced 1.07. I bought 400m worth of crafting supplies and will be attempting to make myself godly amulet and gloves when it hits.

My first toon created was "Azakiah" the female WD, I figured I would show her some love while I wait. I had some fun w/ DH, they are just don't give me that feeling of raw power that I get w/ my monk.....not even close. I don't like hiding in the shadows, trapping, running, etc... I want to show these demons who's boss.

Russbear, I'm trying that build now...thanks

*I bought a new socketed spear
*I bought a new Witching Hour

The reason I've chosen globes is, I am using the frog OH for now and it's just something new

I also have a godly haunt SOJ that I want to do for PVP as well as a socketed Grin Reaper helm that's got to be the most annoying thing to deal w/ that I've seen so far in PVP

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