Looking for gg monks to farm mp 10

i guess its all depending on the situation, i've used the fear to save team mates on multiple occasions, plus it allows me to control certain monsters off say an arcane ball or desecration in higher mp lvls

01/25/2013 12:39 PMPosted by Wittster
y u mad? If u like your EF so much, u dont need to defend it against noobs like myself. And FYI, if you don't chase it, you also lose dps, because if it didnt run, it would be standing in your SW aura and taking fot-tc collateral hits. You really believe you never lose any dps when fear procs? Come on...

not mad bro just really don't think you "lose" dps when you fear something, especially when you know how to micro with one.
le popped corn.
There is no need to worry about one or two running away when you can yank eight to you from halfway across the screen.
get a CM wiz, lock em in place, done deal
There is no right way or wrong way. It's a matter of playing style. Nobody complains about my EF because I counter its fear proc and then some. If I didn't like CS I'd either learn to deal with it differently or switch to a different weapon.
01/25/2013 01:49 PMPosted by Muckery
get a CM wiz, lock em in place, done deal

then you dont have a 4 monk group anymore, which is the purpose of this thread!
I've got a fever! And the only prescription is more Echoing Fury!
I love EF! Its my favorite weapon, just ask Fitz.
Add me #douchkingxtr#1516
Diabloprogress hero score #17 / DPs rank # 11 americas
Add me #douchkingxtr#1516
Diabloprogress hero score #17 / DPs rank # 11 americas

Too bad you don't meet OP's requirements :P
I have the gear to. This just my DPs rating setup.
High mp setup I run I have 323k unbuff. 955k flash buffedh + overawe. 650 Res all 51% dodge 5300 armor. 46k hp
Also run a sustain weap swap for mp7-10 reflect elites cuz I don't use serenity
These threads seem to pop up every few days now.

Better off posting that you just want to have fun and farm MP10.

Edit: Douchkingxtr, just edit your first post, not really necessary to make subsequent posts listing your stats.
@ jco. Always liked ur sword board monk. Add me

Edit: Send me a friend request, I'll add you.
i am down too. i have a EF but dont really like it, i will use it if necessary, otherwise, i use fist of AZ, the EF is on my barb, you can view my profile.

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