What am I missing here people?

I can hold my own for MP8 but I struggle on the higher levels. Do I need a LoH ammy? What piece do I need to upgrade? I am lost here but I have around 150m to play with. Someone help me out here.
I would guess if you're struggling that its a sustain issue. Though your EH is a little low (resist less than 600, armor less than 5k, health at 38k with life gem in hat), so it's possible that's an issue too.
try to smack the baddies in the face more, while at the same time, try not to die.

sound advice
Yep Piffle is right. Its a defensive problem, you're a bit too glass cannony.

You need more ehp, mitigation, and sustain. For mitigation its ideal to be in the 5-5.5k armor range while maintaining roughly a 10:1 with AR. With improving armor and getting 5-10k more HP, your EHP will look better. For sustain, you need some LOH and/or LR to supplement your LS.
that's what i said!
LpSS also works mighty hell fine in combo with one LS weapon. I'm running MP6 and barely ever dying at all. The steady stream of healing from the LS combined with the burst heals i get from casting mantra keeps me up most of the time in most situations (molten, reflect, hordes, you name it).

As for your eHP, you do need to gear up some more armor and/or strenght. If i was you i'd take my big sack 'o gold and buy a much better amulet with an actual trifecta (+min/+max damage affix DOES NOT SCALE like the +XX-YY Avg. Dmg does) and some armor. Your gloves could also definitely do with an upgrade so thats another piece you could replace by a better one both DPS and eHP-wise.

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