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01/20/2013 07:26 PMPosted by Kinetic
a game I want more than anything to love.



You should know that in order for any type of manual point system to work it has to have real depth. Really deep and rich system, where there is still an optimal path. But those that are really close are only different in play style. So if you are concerned about being optimal you can eek out the final few percentage points toward your characters performance but you would not have to have it.

This game it would be too simple and the only right way would be obvious to anyone with half a brain. Scratch that a chimp could figure out how to spend the points in this simple game.

I don't wish to derail this thread into yet another discussion on stat point distribution...but I feel this deserves a response.

I would agree that "Strength/Dex/Vita/Energy + Skill points" may not be the deepest character development scheme on the planet. But it at least gave the players a sense of accomplishment, growth, and decision-making.

I could make a sorceress with 250 base strength, and, since in D2, strength increased melee damage for ALL characters, could rock a melee sorceress with high damage and energy shield.

I could make a Paladin that was otherwise a Zealot, but throw just 1 point into Conversion for a PVE (and depending on the arena, PVP) twist in action. And that may have been a different decision than most other paladins made.

In D3... everyone gets same stats, same skills, same availability of runes...eh, lacks variety, in my experience with the genre and with the series.

Back on topic of OP - itemization is awful, no sense of item hunting and "Aww, almost had it!"

Yes you could do that with a sorceress. But the whole point is that even in D2 point spending it was simple. It was obvious to all in time what the right way of spending them was, regardless of class and build. It was that simple, here it is easier than D2.

That is why I am against manual points here. 99% of the players would spend them like I said. So there is no point having a manual point system unless it has depth, where it is not blaringly obvious as far as what way is the most optimal way to spend them.

Stat points need depth where players can choose multiple ways of spending them and get good rewards for doing so. Without gimping their character because they are doing it wrong.

The same with skill points they need a system in place that is not blaringly obvious as far as the right way to spend them.

A system where you would have multiple paths that would give you about the same performance as others. Sure you would still have an optimal route. But it would not be blaringly obvious to your what that route is. Also in a deep system, as long as the gap is not huge. Then others could play as they want to, while those that want the optimal way could eek out those extra few percentage points of performance.

Having a manual point system just to have it, is pointless in this game. That is the same as making a change to a game for the sole purpose of making a change, without that change really benefiting the players. That would be dumb for any game developer to do.
I understand where you are coming from. Every time I saw an Unearthed Wand drop I would think, "almost." That said, I also like just seeing the base armor type as the name when legendaries drop in D3.

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