LF peeps joing me on key runs

Witch Doctor
add me if your looking for somone todo key runs with i do a fair enough amount of damage look at my gear and inform me on what i need to upgrade =D
I'll add you.

Our DPS is similar, but I think you'd gain most from adding crit chance to your mojo spot.

Also you could try to add base damage modifiers to your jewelry, but I see what you're doing with the set items.

Thirdly I add %life as much as possible. Your HP is way low in my opinion for higher MP. % life is very cheap to add to item searches, seems to be undervalued.

Stacking some dex for dodge chance can help too quite a bit for relatively cheap.

Can you tell I tend toward a defensive build? lol.
oh. and for the obvious, a Zuni set would probably help you immensely as a bear user.

You might try RoE with Well of souls as a primary attack. You can also keep bears on the skill bar and wind up your mana regen alternating the two skills.

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