Help please!

Recently found a decent zuni marrow with 190 int, 80 ar, 80 vit, +160 armor. Was wondering if i should try to sell this for other upgrades or something or just build off zuni. Quick reply would be much appreciated!
what's the armor? can't tell from +160 but i guess it's in the 500s

regardless with zuni , you want 2 set for the 130 int. some wiz have went 3 set but it's rare.

zuni gears are mostly for archons but i've since incorporated this on my cm/ww-sns build and it works great. love the set bonus and armor/vit/int.
The armor on the zuni is at 605. Would it be a little more expensive to build off the zuni chest, since the tal one gives IAS?
it is understandable and a given knowledge that wizards = tal armor regardless of build (cm/ww etc etc) but since i couldn't afford a decent tal armor (high armor/high vit/high all resist) i resorted to zuni armor.

funny little story: i was a tal armor user (generic armor/no ar) then saw my currrent zuni i wasn't planning on using it but rather was trying to flip it. got it for 56m but somehow ended up using it instead and has since been on a quest to get a tal armor.

i actually like zuni coz it's very defensive and offensive at the same time and not to mention it comes with high armor and high all resist and can double roll int/vit without being stupidly expensive.
I see! Guess its time to save up for treads/pox!
wiz who uses zuni are archon and they only focus on boots/rings for the 2-set bonus. the armor is really not commonly used but seeing players kept experimenting and coming up with different builds/gears, i wouldn't rule it out. if you are planning to sell that, it may be cheap. check ah and see
Yeah, sell price seems to be sitting around 20-30 mil, just not sure what i can pick up with that amount. Was considering just saving up after the sale.
or you could use the armor and go from there and see what you can come up with.
Like im leaning towards that a lot more than actually selling it. 90% of me wants to keep it, 10% of me is spamming trade/general trying to sell it! LOL
well how about this

try to advertise it and see how much you can get

if the price does not satisfy you or if it really is worth that much, you go from there.

if you're not able to buy anything anyways with the gold, might as well try it out and who knows
Will do, appreciate the insight! Gonna just play off the zuni for now. Thanks!
I thin your Chest still has 1 more random prop, what is it? Anw it has very high Intel, so if you found it, you may want to get Zuni Boots, definitely an upgrade over your current gear. I don't think using Pox is a good idea because you will probably need CC on Pox, and it's no cheap. Trail however is quite cheap, so go for it :)
Oh the last stat was +37 physical resistance, didnt think it was that important :P
It's not bad then, help against RD and stuff. If it's Thorn or smth then it's totally useless, but Physical Resist is pretty nice.
Yeah, gonna try to save up for the boots, took a look at the pox's with crit and its ridiculous....
either low armor with high resist for boots or no all resist but high armor in boots

or if you're a farmer, high armor and 7 pick up radius :P
Was just about to ask what i should look for in the boots too.

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