Barb's PVP Compendium against other Classes

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I will try and stream after the hockey game for everyone to watch. Lemme ping Chuck to set up a time to play.

Did you ever get a Stream started, and if so, what's the link?

I will try and stream after the hockey game for everyone to watch. Lemme ping Chuck to set up a time to play.

Did you ever get a Stream started, and if so, what's the link?

I came online, but ChuckNorris was busy all night, so I left early. I haven't been able to play all day, other than to log on to check the AH. That's about it.

I will try again tomorrow.
Acri? could you please give name for those who posted their suggestion on your 1st page as a credit for their ideas so I can follow whatever reply he/she post in this topic?

I also notice that WD is the toughest one of all due to their defensive skills set :
Spirit walk - 15 sec cd (13 sec cd with Spirit Vessel) - 2-3 sec duration
Horrify - 16 sec cd (14 sec cd with Spirit Vessel) - 4-6 sec fear duration

If all skills are executed perfectly chained, barb unable to attach within 3+6 = 9 sec duration, leaving only 4 seconds opening for the next Spirit Walk cool-down. Furthermore, Spirit Vessel also able to trigger 2 sec Spirit Walk if taken fatal damage + heal 15% HP every 90 sec.

I've been wondering if Barb's skill Call of the Ancients can benefit an open fights with WD.

I wish I could. For some reason I can't access my Diablo account. I will make another thread if that's okay with everyone.

I also did a rough estimation of my total Effective Health Pool and Damage per Second here:

Generally, I realize that the set is mostly 'gifted' by an anonymous source, but that's a set that has been monstrously effective against Witch Doctors, Demon Hunters, and Wizards. I'm still working out the kinks against Monks and Barbs.

The total EHP is actually higher (above ~3,000,000). The DPS is also higher (137,000). This set is a pain in the butt for Witch Doctors now that I have sorted out some of the issues I had with the key-bindings. So it was never really a gear issue, but a player issue :P

Hopefully more players start swapping out their left-click key bindings for Rend because having a CC immunity like WoTB that can double as your finishing move (or life-saver) makes a massive difference in your survivability.
By the way, in regards to Call of the Ancients, I don't particularly think it's very useful. I find that the skill is best served as a tank, but their damage is too low to be effective against Witch Doctors and Demon Hunters. I would rather have control over my finishing skills than hand them over to an auto-attack AOE skill. They also glitch a bit when running around to attack. They won't always attack the player either -- just the pets.
Since I dont have PTR, there is this one idea that I really want to try. Since my playstyle is brawling, I really wanna try to go as offensive as possible during PVP. Although I am only limited to theory crafting atm, I wonder if MS reduction from our skills can be stacked or not.

If MS reduction skill can be stacked, I am thinking to use Rend - Mutilate (-60% MS) when it hits and put Threatening Shout - Intimidate (-30%) as a starting phase to brawl. I also put Leap - Call of Arreat (-60% MS) since it is a very useful skill for many situation for Barbs.

Can anyone confirm if MS reduction skill can be stacked during PVP when they hit?

Ms reduction cant be stack in pve. So i take it as the same in ptr. Didnt notice any obvious ms stacks in reduction throughout 1week of playing. But ms reduction really works very well.
Better than i expected. Coz i initally though an big amount of reduction will be impose to players before hand, but seems no.
useful stuff to know with the patch commin

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