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I accidentally sold items for almost 200 million. I believe that the integration of this function is not hard. Blizzard please do something. I attach a simple graphic design. I will be happy for your reply. Thx

i do'nt get it, what happened?
look on image. I talk about mistake sold items...
the item i just sold, dissappeared and i did not recieve the gold that was bidded on my manticore .. and my manticore dissappeared
01/23/2013 12:14 PMPosted by holodroid

Well you should say something like you are going to sell that item on the USD AH and it's worth like 1k USD, then maybe Blizzard will think of something to help you(themselves) out, so that you(they) don't lose $ for stupid reason.
I would make that little lock at least five times larger and place it on a second blue background circle to the left of the "bag" above the word "INVENTORY."

I quit playing Diablo III many months ago in absolute disgust that such a lock mechanism was not incorporated into the game. I also turned off my accounts with Blizzard for playing any other games in protest that the change, requested by many other players, has not been implemented.

I have not found out whether Diablo III will be modified to include this in the "update."

Blizzard seems to have removed all telephone support. That speaks volumes as to the apparent lack of respect and concern for the players!

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