Putting the Devil Back in Diablo

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There are probably quite a few people, myself included, that are quite disappointed how Inferno was nerfed way too hard after Blizzard said they wouldn't dial it down too far. Nowadays just about anybody can do it, the difficulty is a total joke. It really makes grinding paragon levels feel pointless and boring as hell. Yeah there is Monster Power, but tbh that feels like such a Band-Aid game feature. Infernal machine kind of feels this way too; Farming the same boring easy key wardens over and over again for an account-bound ring that is almost always complete garbage.

So I had this idea that would give the masochistic few the challenge they crave with little to no modification to existing game architecture, rather building on what's already there. Infernal dungeons...

The idea stems from WoW, go figure lol, but the concept is basically optional side dungeons and side zones scattered throughout every zone of every act that are ALL champions and elites. The maps would only spawn on Infernal difficulty at the higher monster power levels (Maybe MP 7 or 8 +), and be absolutely flooded with champions and elites so you're fighting 8 or even up to 10 or 15 elites packs at a time. And at the end, maybe some kind of really hard mini-boss.

For example: You and your friends are crawling through Festering Woods and you see a cave. As you cursor over the entrance, it glows a mad red and the very thought of entering makes you want to !@#$ your pants. After plowing through a staggering amount of champion and elite demons you come across a Shadow of King Leoric (Since it's Act 1), and the fight is as messy and chaotic as Battle Guard Sartura was the first time your tried it with your scrubby guild.

I know people are going to stone me for mentioning WoW, but say what you want; Raiding was fun as hell and it would be pretty sweet to have this kind of feature in a Diablo game (Especially if it was accessible through group play).

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