Couple Questions

I came back since a sabbatical since like 1.03 but after getting back into the swing of things I have a few noob questions.

I have a level 60 wiz, paragon 11 and a level 60 monk. My main question is I know for monks life on hit and attack speed is critical, so what are the critical "sub"stats for wizards? Also, how do I find gear?! I mean besides the outrageously expensive AH, where do I find weapons/armor that will improve my dmg? I am stuck at 96k which is okay, but it isn't where I want to be. So I am kind of stuck in the under 100k range, how do I get there? And if you say "farming" please be decent enough to let me know where to farm and what items I am farming for.

It's rather sad to actually say this, but you don't farm for items in Diablo III. You farm for money (and items that you sell for money because they are of no use to you) and then you use that money to buy items on the auction house. This is because there is no particular place where any particular item drops, they all simply have the same rather low drop chance from any old monster, and it would take you months of farming items to find something that you could have bought on the auction house after a few hours of farming money.

I know, i know...

Oh well, the world of Sanctuary is what you make of it.

Ps. Did you know that your Firewalker boots cause fire damage in a very small radius around your character and that you can exploit this by using Conflagration for a 10% damage boost? It may be preferrable to Glass Cannon, depending on how close you usually get to things and how squishy you feel.
Okay thanks, that cleared it up. Well right now I'm
Running what I think is a CM build. Do you think conflagration would be better than the all DMg increase from glass cannon?
Looks like you've gone Archon now, but yeah, that -10% defense from Glass Cannon is pretty harsh in a CM build, and not worth the extra 5% damage you get over Conflagration. In a CM build, it's generally accepted that you're better off maintaining a good level of defense so you can use massive damage boosts like Shocking Aspect instead of Prismatic Armor.

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