adding money to account. help!

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i dont have a cell phone so does that mean i wont be able to add money to my account?
In order to add money to an account you need to follow the security restrictions in place. This is covered in the Balance FAQ

How do I add to my Balance?
When you log in to Account Management, you are able to purchase Balance funds through a variety of different payment methods, such as debit or credit cards or a variety of region-specific payment methods. Any amount you add to your Balance will not be refundable (except as otherwise provided by law). Please note that depending on the payment method, it may take some time for the Balance you purchase to become available to use. You will see which options are available when you log in to to add balance.
Note: In order to add Balance funds to your account, you must have a Authenticator attached

The RMAH has some additional restrictions, so if you want to use PayPal in any way then you also need SMS Protect.

You can read about those restrictions here:

Are there any account-security measures tied to the real-money auction house?
Players will be required to attach a Authenticator or a free Mobile Authenticator in order to charge up their Balance via Account Management or to receive the proceeds of a successful auction house sale in their Balance. For more information about how to obtain an Authenticator, please visit this page.
Players who wish to use PayPal to charge up their Balance or to “cash out” funds earned in the real-money auction house will be required to sign up for our SMS Protect authentication service in When you sign up for the SMS Protect service, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone containing a code that you must enter on to verify your identity. Once verification is complete, you can then move forward with your transaction. After this initial verification, you will be prompted to enter a new SMS code from time to time when accessing a feature that uses PayPal. Note that standard SMS messaging rates apply -- check with your cell phone carrier for details.
its also hidden that you need an authenticator... you can buy a keychain or use an app for an ipod if you have one.... IF.... and they still take 1$ for every money transaction and 15% for gold... greedy no good nothings lmao

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