Where would you live in Sanctuary?

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I'd live in the Garden of Hope, Tier 1. Probably the east side. Pun it all you want.
I'd like to live in the tropical area where the witch doctors live - provided that one of the bad ones didn't want to sacrifice me. Being a beach bum and studying Voodoo on my spare time sounds great.
01/23/2013 11:15 AMPosted by Klaw
Wherever Ytar needs me. Usually a nice big comfy church.
--> what da fudge :D
Somewhere in Act 1 near Leoric's Manor, or just somewhere near Highlands Crossing. I love the look of that zone and if I had my own house there, it would even be more badass.
01/22/2013 02:16 PMPosted by Onetwo
Probably in the depths of Hell with Cydaea, she seems like a nice girl.

But seriously, heart of sin has plenty of pets, chew toys, walkways, stairways, lava baths, nice heat.... man its a dream!
The Dahlgur Oasis seems nice if you ignore the demons, predatory vultures, and flora that act as toxic proximity mines.

Failing that, I already live in a small town in a northern mountainous region. If Harrogath had an A&W and a few more drug dealers, it would be indistinguishable from my current home.
you weak dog!!! why are you playing the game if you look forward to that!!! shame on you for encouraging THAT sort of playing!!
In the high heavens, where I will take my place among them, this time, as a mortal. Since housing has been met on this day, I will now stand in my new house with my archangel friends, together, as one, in the light of this glorious new dawn.
Old Tristram. Cheap houses, cheap land. Not much for jobs. Wait thats Detroit! Never mind.
bar in act 2 lol they never get attacked
Durance of Hate
I would bulldoze the old Tristram chapel and turn it into a shopping district with loft apartments :-)
The Sewers of Caldeum because I would want to live around and smell like the only thing that turns normal people on, next to vomit and sticking an arm up a mare's rectum.
In the Oasis, beautiful spot once you clear out the green belching plants
Leah's Room
The Highlands, the Oasis or the Great Span.
I'd live in the Oasis.
Nowhere, all towns are boring.

01/27/2013 09:53 PMPosted by badatthis
Leah's Room

I would want to live in the Portal that goblins take ;) :)
The drowned temple. Sure..it's in a flood zone but it's quite scenic and peaceful. Not to forget that cute farmers daughter who lives down the road (She WILL need to be screened for STD's) Anyone else have a laugh when Alaric tells you "you may now enter my most sacred place" Sorry buddy, I don't swing that way but I'll have Lyndon give you call. Cheers.

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