Build status check - 200k DPS goal/60k life

Demon Hunter
I have a radiant amythis too for high MPx .. . 55k life with them on.

I just wanna know how far am I from 200k dps unbuffed ( gold value to get to my goal )

I am thinking better Nat boot/better ward/ better gloves should get me to my goal ... AM I ON THE RIGHT TRACK?
change ur weapon for great dps boost... get Inna pant with more Vit (i got mine for 50m).. at least 3 cc Mempo (u will lost Vit and Dex reduce to 170-180 on it).. change ur glove for high Dex, 8 IAS, 40+ CD, 8.5-9 cc (10 cc glove will expensive).. mempo alone will cost u 350-400m+...get better Inna chest with tonnes of Vit too.

@@ i u wondering why my dps is low, i play all 5 classes, so need to spend gold carefully.. but i know how to get high DPS DH..
You can mimic my build, I can swap the gem in my helm to reach 60k life
Agree with the boots. You can go higher if you have the gold. I ended up paying lil over 120m for my 266 DEX boots when I got them so dunno the prices now.

Amulet is probably best to look at. No primary stat. You are sacrificing primary stat for other things like higher ASI/CC/CD or some combination of both.

You are para 90 so not far from where I am. the difference of dex for our para levels is only 30. However You have almost 700 less DEX than I have and you have stacked it all with ASI/CC/CD and not enough dex (IMO).

You have really good gear all in all. However I think you are at a big roadblock. Your D3 profile sheet shows the heavy things you have stacked and in looking at your stats as a whole (buffs included) you have:

2313 DEX (total)
69% Attack Speed
62% CC
468% CD

I have:
3005 Dex
56% Attack Speed
59.5% CC
419% CD

You have 13% more Attack Speed
You have 2.5% more CC
You have 49% more CD

Yet you are 56.6k less dps than I am. Granted our weapons have a difference. Even if I gave you my weapon You would still be 46.76k dps behind me (calculations reported have both you and I using archery, nightstalker, vengeance passive buffs to keep things on an even playing field)

The issue is you are going overboard in stacking ASI/CC/CD and suffering your DEX. Not only are you suffering DEX causing you to have much less DPS than you should but you are also causing yourself less survivability. As you are well aware that dex is used for dodge and the less dex .. the less dodge you will end up having meaning more hits you will be taking from mobs.

Not saying to scrap any of your gear as it is very nice gear all in all. However too many pieces may be lacking dex or decent dex amounts causing your low dex issue

Right now you have 6 pieces of gear (46% of your gear) having a total of 324 dex. That averages out for those 6 pieces to 54 dex per piece. WOW.

In reality I think you are almost at a real roadblock where you can't upgrade to 200k With mempo exactly like yours with 6% CC added in .. you are looking at right about 198k dps. I think you need to rethink ya strategy and start putting in more dex so the CC/CD/ASI you have can actually do more good for you.
should be easy to upgrade that ring.. even 20-25m will do
(check for a high average dmg unity, 150 dex, allres, 4.5cc)

-same amulet but with dex
that should put you at 200k

IMHO, you'd be better off with a 300dex DML with 17 or 18% attack speed


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