Bow's are weak compared to Xbows/Hand Xbows

Demon Hunter
01/27/2013 07:02 PMPosted by AidenMacleod
Would someone tell me what the Marquise Ruby would affect the bow on my DH? Not sure how to calculate it or I would myself! Thanks.

New range:
713 - 1342

New Weapon dps:

New total dps:
177046 (+11K)
I also need some calculation after using Marquise Ruby on my bow :(. Any help?

The dps without archery & steady aim is 172k.

AS: 2.44 / CC: 48.5 / CD: 384%

Bow stat: 1335dps /521 -1198 dmg range / 284-380 min max dmg / 43%dmg / os
New range 735-1494, 1727 dps.

Over at
the marq ruby calculations should now show the correct values.
thanks Draba for the reply and the website you gave. i'll gain 11k dps if using the marquise ruby . so cool

Not sure if anyone mentioned this to you or not, but your D3up simulation actually is flawed. You not only made the calamity the correct DPS from personal calculations, but also put into the socket a marquis ruby. In this case, you should have left the socket "empty", which actually brings you down 79k DPS.

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