"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7

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With Patch 1.0.7 are you going to utilize the so called "snows" and adjust certain skills, which are currently too powerful in PvP without that affecting the PvE game?

Here's a link to an interview from August 1, 2011 in which Jay Wilson discusses the so called "snows", a technology that allows the developers to adjust specific skills in PvP without that ever affecting the PvE game:

What is your official policy on the Diablo 3 app. "Loot Alert."
any plans from blizzard to develop and improve pvp with a more experience pvp/arena dev team?
Release date? I keep halting on purchasing new gear and it's getting harder and harder to do so.
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Many people have been speculating about whether or not it will be worth it to craft the new armor in 1.0.7, with the more sophisticated analyses relying on comparisons between current AH pricing and the probability that similar items can be created via crafting. Can you help clear up the debate and add insight into crafting by giving us a more detailed rundown of how affix production works for crafted items (e.g. the probability of one affix being rolled versus another, the probability of an affix rolling in a particular range, the list of possible combo affixes, etc.)?
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The new Ruby is a step in the right direction in terms of gear variety. What other changes to gear do you plan - currently everyone is gearing up in more or less the same items with the same stats.
Every class has some abilities that benefit from "snapshot" mechanics. Are there any plans to change those other abilities? It can be a fun part of the game.
Has the crafting been "fixed" - I have seen people streaming the items they have crafted and some are very good . notably some of the trifecta ammies. Cheers
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In the 1.07 patch, first off I applaud the Devs for making crafting relevant, but will you be doing anything else to make the game more than just farming? Dueling will be fun, but is there anymore quests, crafting equipment, increasing drop rates, etc?
Are we going to have Shrines(Fleeting,Frenzy,Empowered,Protection) in the PvP arenas ?
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In regard to the changes to the Nephalem Valor persisting through acts. Are there any plans to let Nephalem Valor persist through disconnects/logoffs as long as you "Resume Game" at the same spot you left? This was origianlly brought up by a CM awhile ago but has not been implemented.
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I understand that one of the the 1.0.7 patch goals was to improve wizards and make other builds more viable. Are there any plans to improve any other rare used abilities such as Ice Armor or Wave of Force? What about improving on the majority of the runes as they aren't considered useful?
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I don't wanna put this in bad taste, But have you guys considered rolling out patches in "small doses" rather than the even 2 month's or so 'Major update patches'?

I say this cause when i load up D3 i'm always wanting to know "Is there anything new to D3"
Even if it's just for balancing i think would do wounders to D3.
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Old Ruby gem tiers were left unbuffed in 1.0.7. What was the reasoning behind making only Marquise Rubies an alternative to Emeralds?
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One of the great things about Diablo 2 was how there were many different currencies to collect and acquire wealth, and therefore many different ways to farm. Runes, Perfect Gems, White items, Uniques, Sets, Key sets, Organ sets, charms, etc etc.. It seems in Diablo 3 there are really only two ways to farm - items or gold. The Bind on Account currencies are really hurting Diablo 3 in this regard - any plans to introduce more currencies that AREN'T bind on account?
will you allow to make 2 vs 2 duels? (party duels)
What is being done to combat botting?
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One of the overall goals you mentioned for this patch was to retool monks to make Spirit Generators besides aura spam an attractive option. There was a gigantic buff done to various Spirit Spenders in patch 1.0.7 yet I see them being largely unused in anything but PvP builds for a few reasons.

1) The skills/passive necessary to maintain a high base level of passive spirit regeneration severely hinder the ability to take "more fun" damage dealing options.
2) 2 handed spirit generation is absolutely terrible and because of this it feels like trying to swing a log underwater for all specs except TR.
3) You made Fists of Thunder: Thunderclap too damn good. While there are other generators that produce better spirit per second, nothing comes close to the mobility, proc chances, or overall damage that FoT:TC provides.
4) To use Spirit Spenders (Bells/Tailkick/SSS) you have to stop generating spirit. One of the great things about barbs HotA spec is that they can spec in such a way that they can hammer indefinitely.
5) Overawe spam is still king. An extra 24% damage while maintaining spirit generation still beats out having to stop your auto-attack in favor of a laggy, difficult to aim Spirit Spender. A dual wield monk generates about 18 spirit per second which is just enough spirit to maintain Overawe. Unless you make Spirit Spenders better to the point where overawe spam isn't necessary anymore, high level players will just not use them.

So my question...Are you really happy with how Spirit Spenders are right now, even with the 1.0.7 buffs?

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