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Transaction number 1325824965. I bid on Natalya's Bloody Footprint for a little over 5 million with a few minutes left. When there was less than a minute left someone outbid me. I had the same item up in my search tab still so I placed another bid maybe around 5.3 million or so. The auction house was running extremely slow through this whole process and it took a long time but eventually it said bid accepted. In my completed tab, it had the refund from one of my bids (I assume the first) which I sent to my stash. No item or refund ever appeared after that. Long story short I'm missing around 5 million or an item. Thanks.
Mway ,

Our records show the gold was reclaimed on the account 2013-01-23 at 23:58:27 UTC. The amount bid and reclaimed was 4,520,250 though.
There should be two reclaims though, not just one. I bid twice but only reclaimed once.

For the transaction you listed, that's what it shows. There can be only be one. Each bid/sale you make is assigned a new transaction ID.

I see 6 separate IDs for transactions involving Natalya's Bloody Footprints between 1/23 and 1/24. 3 were outbid and had the gold reclaimed. 1 was sold and had the gold claimed. 2 were bought for which one was received, the other was just bought today and hasn't finished processing yet.
Maybe mine is the one that hasn't finished processing. If it hadn't finished processing yet would it still show up under the transactions or would it not show up at all? It only shows one for the Nat's Footprints today but it accepted two of my bids just a few minutes apart. Well thanks for looking at it. I will follow your advice you've posted to others and wait 72 hours and then fill out a ticket if it still hasn't shown up.
Boots just showed up. Guess I needed to be patient. Thanks again.

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