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How arcane regen is terrible and should change any passive or gear (like tal rasha final bonus) associated with it to Apoc instead.

You know, i almost agreed with you, and then i realised i actually misread what you said...

Here's a thought. What if they changed all APoC into AP Regen? (and then doubled it)

What kind of effect do you think that would have on build diversity?

Interesting thought, anyway...

Hmm, i wonder what Archon would be like if the spells actually cost AP, and you had to use gear to get regen?

I know i know, "zomgwtfbbq how can you cry for your own class to be nerfed?!?1/!/1one". If that's you, imagine they double our damage to compensate and now see how you feel about it.

I dunno, just a thought. Maybe i'll ask about it in the Ask The Dev's thread :)
come on folks its the weekend theres gotta be more ideas

i do have an additional question tho
why is there a proliferation of mid-tier duped items
Being that the questions are supposed to be about 1.07, I guess my question wouldn't really be about wiz, but more about BOA items....It's taking a trade based RPG in a bad direction IMO!!

What I would like to know is: Not that it pertains to 1.07, but it would be nice to know how they came up with the tal set bonuses, and if they really think that they compare with other class bonuses....Although between being able to use the zuni, nats, and chant bonus, most Wiz are getting more stat bonuses than any other class.(or at least able to)...
I hate to say it, but there have been more ideas in the past, but there is so much that is broken with the game it almost doesnt make sense to even mention ideas anymore...there is not just one fix that will make this game better but several are needed. This game almost needs a facelift. Blues half listened to us and cannot actually do anything from a game design standpoint.

Blues actually remind of of the captain on the Titanic who would shout "there will be order on this ship!" as it is clearly sinking.

There is another ongoing thread in the general section that has been going on longer than this one and you can see their ideas, but its generally the same recycled stuff. And there are some good ideas being tossed around. However, they are the same ideas that been thrown out since day one that have been half listened to. I seriously doubt after 7 months that fixes will be made to this game.

I know that we have to have faith in the game because we love the Diablo franchise, but I am pretty sure that we have crossed that point with this game. Player populations plummeted again after the new years. And after news of this dupping business I notice a lot of friends who I made on here, because my real life friends all quit within months of this games release, also quit.

I would ask whether or not the Blizzard actually hates gamers? It honestly looks like they dont take us seriously, because although this product as it is is better than it once was, it is inexcusable that D3 was released in this way. Especially after ten years. They are losing customers when they act like have been. I know I am taking my money elsewhere.
definitely change of paralysis ;/ (25%+ chance to stun should buff every lightning tree )
My question even though its wasted and would prefer to ask a question related to my adorable HOT Wizard would be about Dupes.

Are you aware of Duping?
How do you plan on fixing Duping?
What are you going to do with all current Duped items?
Will you upgrade new drops to be better than all these current Dupes?
Will you let the Public know how Duping was done?

This crap is getting out of hand and destroying the game more than any buff/fix to the rest of the game. The whole point of the game is to FARM for loot. What's the point when there'sb 1000's of duped items in AH that you have 1/10 million chance of finding youself?
If we are limiting our questions to patch 1.07 issues, then mine would be what happened to the promised enhancement to kill bonus effects like life after kill and archon's increased duration per kill so that these skills/affixes become more usable in multiplayer? I was really looking forward to having any on-screen kill or perhaps any kill that my archon contributed damage towards increasing the archon duration.
okay i'm gonna just say it - APoC is a bad idea to have as a prominent stat

Think about it, Arcane Power on... Critical hits, the game is already stupidly biased towards critical hit% and critical damage. If we ask for more apoc on stuff and generally get an apoc buff it will only mean 1 thing. Critical Mass will become even more indispensable and Critical chance will be even more the rage for stacking

I'm not sure why people think arcane power regen needs more buff, it feels like it regens pretty well on it's own, you just need more of a kite style attitude to it. what i think the issue is, is that spells cost too much for the arcane power that we actually have only allowing a couple of casts before you must drop back to your primary skill...all of which are very weak.

wizards play awesome as you level up, skills are great through nightmare and hell, you can play lots of styles but once you go into inferno our power and variety plumet.

yes build diversity is what we are all after, but how best cam we achieve this? i'm not sure but i know apoc is not the answer
01/25/2013 01:13 PMPosted by ChangBooster
Blizzard is scared to do what needs to be done. And what needs to be done is to buff disintegrate, arcane orb, RoF, arcane torrent to where they deal more damage than archon as long as you are running with some APOC, since archon and sig. based builds require no APOC.

My Disintegrate boosted by Arcane Dynamo, Cold Blooded, and Time Warp does more DPS than an Archon beam. Thats without factoring in added DPS from Shards and Frozen Storm.
Many skills/runes and passives need improvements in order for them to be useful and attractive to use. Unfortunately, I don't think asking about random skills/passives or even Tal set bonuses will be considered a valid question for this Q&A session.

Wizard nonspecific 1.0.7 question:
Angry version - for ****'s sake, why are there so few wizard changes in this patch and what new changes are in the pipeline (explain in detail)?

Loaded version - considering the paltry amount of wizard changes are you satisfied with 2 wizard builds dominating at lvl 60?

Wizard specific 1.0.7 question:
a) You've increased Blizzard's damage significantly and its proc coefficient slightly in 1.0.7. Many wizards feel that Blizzard is still not worth building around because its damage cannot stack. Have you thought about adding at least a rune which would allow this sort of behavior (maybe with only partial stacking and/or shorter duration)?

b) As a part of 1.0.7 changes, Arcane Orb got its damage buffed. In spite of this buff, wizards, who tested this change on the PTR, in general agree that it is still lackluster and bland. Have you considered adding some new more interesting mechanics to Arcane Orb such as a vortex-like/jailer-like effect or perhaps a resource-scaling mechanic akin to the critical hit chance bonus of Hammer of the Ancients?
Bring back skill trees and runewords in next patch. There is currently no other character customization other than gear swapping and fixed skill swapping. Skill trees dare I say just like diablo 2 will promote character diversity that the blizz team is is so determined to make happen and failing miserably. Fix tals set bonus in this patch and rebuff 90% of the WORTHLESS legendaries out there with NEW stats. I.e have azurewrath have cold aura that slows nearby enemies much like the doom runeword in D2. Or have pus spitter produce pools of poison beneath the enemy. Completely take RD mobs out. It really took D2 8 years to fugue this out with iron maiden. Aren't we supposed to learn from histories mistakes??

Overall this games staff has failed it's biggest fan base and I don't think it's repairable. Just too many bad ideas at its core...
01/27/2013 08:16 PMPosted by DarkSayain
Overall this games staff has failed it's biggest fan base and I don't think it's repairable. Just too many bad ideas at its core...

Its easily repairable, but I doubt we'll see it in a patch.

WTF they didn't add runewords is beyond me. The item hunt alone for runes was great addition to loot farming. Plus finding a socketed high end white to place it in, or Ethereal for the indestructable runewords.
I don't expect any changes. They are oblivious and arrogant way they shat all over dude who laid foundations for their fortunes. f that loser remember.

I'm ignorant about D2, never played it, but i can tell a lot about ppl by what they say and where they came from. And if you are expecting to relive D2 aint gonna happen. Try WoW.
Fix the god dammed teleport already. Cant even teleport past a bush or stone sticking out it''s laughable. and cool down is too long.
Crafting and/or Rare drop Improvements.

Question: Is there any chance of adding/mixing up the prefix/affix list of random rolls of Crafted and/or Rare items? It would make ALL gear alot more interesting and once again make rares possibly better than Legendarys. It would be nice to pick up ALL rares once again knowing they could be useful. Also nice not to have every Character class wearing nearly identical gear.

Ideas: Things I would like to see added that can roll on Rares ONLY that can already roll on Legendarys in the same slots:

Bracers :9Ias, MS
Gloves :LOH
Chest :Ias, MS
Legs :LOH, 1CC, 9Ias
Boots :Socket, %Life
Helm :9IAS
Belts :9IAS,50CD, 1cc, 4%Elite damage increase
Shoulders :Something more is needed for Rare shoulders. - Lifesteal, LOH, Average Damage, %Elemental Damage increase, Socket

I understand some of these could be overpowered and would need refining, but it would make Farming/Crafting interesting again. Having some Legendarys the absolute Best
In Slot for some item slots is making certain peices redundant. The Witching Hour, Vile Ward, Skorn, Echoing Fury, Mempo of Twilight and ALL Set chests/boots for example.

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