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Hey all I've seen a lot of gearing posts lately and I wanted a little help with some gearing myself. (Link to my Monk)

I have a budget of close to 80mil thanks to a decent drop and I was wanting to get the most bang for my buck or really just figure out what needs to be upgraded first be it weapons or armor.

I've been eyeing the Inna's set and I should be able to get two to three mid range pieces or it may be better for me to upgrade something else.

Thanks for the help!
the 4 piece innas set is not going to be as useful in the next patch, but the chest and pants are very good pieces. Since the 3 piece bonus is basically useless, and you already have the helm, you only need one pieces for the important bonus, 130+ dex. I'd vote to go with the pants since you only have 12% ms and this will bring you up to 24%. When looking for the pants try to get 9% IAS then either a Vit roll or your resist roll, which by the looks seems to be cold.

Then you can look toward a chest piece with at least 100dex 150+ vit 3 os then some resist (preferably double resist). Something unique you could do would be get the IK chest to go with your gloves, just a thought. :P

if you're going to use a rare belt you need to make sure it has double resist on it, aka cold res and all res. plus it would be nice to have more dex from your belt, possibly look for life % as well.

your ammy also could have more dex and vit and some res.

its good that you know to stack crit chance and attack speed on your monk, keep that up

i'd say take the 80m and invest it in 3/4 pieces and some gems, make sure to get at least stars
I am going to suggest that you peruse some of the threads linked here (especially Piffle's, Nameless', and Silver32's Philosophy thread to get some understanding):

before you do anything with your monies ^_^ Get a rough idea of where you want to go (balanced build, tanky, glassy, etc), and know that there is trial and error involved. Use A LOT to get the most out of your money.

Second, H00K offered some pretty sound advice. I can't really say much more. If you stick with the Lacuni's and get the Inna's pants you don't need to worry about movement speed in your boots, so that may free up some budget.

I wouldn't recommend splitting your money between more than 4 pieces, unless you are buying something that is clearly a great deal for the stats. Having just gone through this myself I can say honestly that if you upgrade in increments (meaning small upgrades to everything several times) you are going to usually lose money, so it is better to just get the most you can into a couple pieces and then save towards the next piece(s).
Upgrade inna's pants 1st,this will provide you with a dps boost. Don't bother going beyond 2set,the bonus is not worth it.
I got the Inna's pants and I got a real good deal on a Cindercoat for my chest.
Thanks for all the advice so far.
I have about 40mil left so I will look into a new ammy and belt.

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