How does the absorb work on Serenity?

My friend and I had a recent discussion on the monk serenity skill.
We had a question as to the meaning of absorb.

From the tool tip text "You are enveloped in a protective shield that absorbs all incoming damage for 3 seconds and grants immunity to all control impairing effects."

I think this means that your monk is invulnerable to damage for those 3 seconds, but would only heal from life steal/life on hit/life regen/mantra of healing/health globes/potions/etc, and you wouldn't heal from the damage you take.

My friend thinks that the word "absorb" means that if you take x damage, you'd heal by x.

I think the alternate tool-tip "Become immune to all attacks and control effects for 3 seconds" implies no healing occurs from taking damage while under the effects of serenity.
That said, in Diablo 2, fire absorb would heal damage, so a heal from an "absorb" keyword isn't unprecedented:

Any definitive answer on how this works? Is it just immunity or heal for the damage you take?
You don't get Healed from the Damage you Absorbed while Serenity is Active.

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