Spirit Regen and spenders IMHO

I don't think that by upping the damage the Monk's spenders do will help much because ever spender is so damn expensive. that coupled with the fact that spirit regen is always 1-3 or on any item it is near imposible to make a viable build centered around spenders with the exception being sweeping wind because you don't have to constantly be casting it. I remember blizzard saying they were not going to do EXACTLY what they are doing in 1.7 wich is just giving everything bigger numbers.

This will solve nothing in my opinion what do you guys think?
You're right, OP.

...unless you spec Quickening. So if you are trying for max DPS, Blizzard kinda pigeon-holed us again. Go get ~2.00 attack speed and ~50% crit chance and see how many WoL-empowered wave Bells you can drop in a second ;) ...while spewing Cyclones of course - though a few less without Thunderclap.

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