I'm currently using this type of barb

I'm not sure if it's passable for the community... I mean, I'm kinda contented and happy with my barb that can endure big damage, rarely dies, and has constantly supplied fury gen

the only downside with this high defense build is that is kills slowly, especially with high MP

I don't get to play much (kinda busy), so with a budget barb, i was able to make this kind of WW variation... and it doesn't fail me (in my perspective)

I'm curious with others' perspectives and critiques... wacha guys think about this build?
i dont like it..

WW without hurricane and sprint is just.... too slow

for higher MP just use the HotA - smash build
Thanks for the input! :) i'll look into that build
the HotA build requries me to use LoH items i guess... the advantage of the high HP i have would make the blood funnel really useful, as the 2% life i get in return will overpower or outmatch the high damage the mobs give me

maybe if I mix WW blood funnel and and HotA smash together?
u need more vit

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