Is my gear ok

I haven't played d3 since july or june, I have checked strats and guides for gear and this is what I could afford to buy for about 600k, I really don't know if its good or not but I seem to get hit too hard farming act 3 siege breaker and need to run away until my life comes back.

I dont think thats how ww works? What parts of my gear are the weakest? THANKS!!
You have no way of healing. I suggest you get an IK belt or just a normal regular Mighty belt with Str, all res, and life steal. Vit too if you can. Get a new offhand that's either a sword or dagger with Str, socket, crit damage, and life steal. Also change your passive from boon to superstition.

Also find a new andariels... anything above 10% fire damage taken is WAY too much.

My female barb cost me 350k~ and can do mp1 no problem, so you can use that as reference. Some of the deals I got were pretty good, but nothing over 1m cant do.
Alright thanks a bunches of oats man!

Is WW gear same as HOTA build gear?

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