Getting clear on why items suck (long)

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Agreed. Agreed. I've been saying the same things in these forums since launch but I guess being a stranger on here means you have no authority. There just aren't enough items in this game that are viable to progress in Inferno, which is nearly everyone's goal.
I wrote up a very detailed crafting overhaul thread that addresses similar concerns, you might find it agreeable:
In Diablo 2, GG gear didnt seem a rare as it is in Diablo 3. My buddy did run a bot in D2, and If he left his bot doing Baal runs 24/7 for a week strait, you could guarentee he would have picked up which ever Item he was looking for, Programmed into his grab-it program. Even though we will never be able to proove it, I still strongly feel there is some sort of link between the RMAH, and the upper teir item drop rates. If you botted D3 for a month strait doing what ever max efficiency run you can think of, there is no guarentee you will get anything worthwhile.

There are actually people who've logged the results of extensive botting. One such bot did 17000 pindleskins runs without ever finding the items he was looking for (WF, grandfather, IK armor, Tal's armor).

I don't think the disparity is as extreme as people think, though naturally the best of the best loot in D3 should be harder to find given that we don't have ladders. Also, don't forget that it was extremely rare for even the most hardcore of D2 players to find the highest runes legitimately.

to make stroy short. you really don't need to write too much . 1st of all mp 0-10 makes most loot bad. We all want to farm high mp so most decent loot become worth 0 gold. some items that would make you goldy before mp's now worth nothing. if a ring don't have min crit and AS or CD then it worth nothing too. for example ring with 150 srt and 4 crit and 70all resist will not sell for more than 100k . we need item patch to balance stats.

I don't think it has much to do with the MP system. The highest MPs are not efficient for farming, and the existence of more challenging modes is not a bad thing. Likewise, people will want to optimize crit damage and attack speed whether they're farming MP1 or MP10.

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