Looking for gearing assistance

I found most of the gear i currently have on minus the MH, boots and shoulders. I am looking at getting some similar IK gloves with higher STR and VIT, going to trade bracers for STR or VIT ones? Obviously the ammy needs changed any ideas for stats on a new one? Was wanting to get my IAS bonus from gear to 22% would that be optimal?

Any input regarding current gear or upgrades would be appreciated...TY
Looks like you just transferred some of your gear from your wiz?

Inna's pants should be high vit (150+) or str/vit roll with 9% ias.

Ammy should look for str/vit/avg dmg/cc/cd/ias. However much you can get is good. Since you are running ww build... looking into the breakpoints for your nado ticks would be good to know so you don't overshoot your aps.


If you look there you are currently swinging with 2.6376 / 2.2765 aps on your hands buffed. If you get an additional 16% ias on your gear, you can hit the next breakpoint on your nado ticks which will give you more tDPS.

Where you get that 16%... that would be up to you. You can ditch the IK helm and go for a mempo with 9% ias and then get a pair of IK gloves with 7% ias and high str.

You also need some more vitality... Getting a high str/vit IK belt would be better than the %life since your vit is low. You can also drop some AR and still be fine IMO.

You should really have LS on 2 pieces (belt + passive?) if you are not goin to have it on either one of your weapons. Getting LS on one of the weapons makes things easier but expensive.

Hope it helped. You can also read some of these articles:

i agree with most of the above but you need to know what you are trying to accomplish. low mp farm? dont need much hp or LS. mid mp farm? you need more hp AND LS.

I'm not a fan of AR on rings. Getting double dps mods, avg damage, and str on top of AR costs too much.

Your MH has no str or crit. You can get a better MH for a few mil.

I would sort this out before trying to add IAS for 2.86/2.5. You wont be able to afford it with your current jewelry.
TY Sir,

I did transfer some gear from my wiz, i figured hey it works for now ive only been playing barb for 2 weeks...should have switched a long time ago IMO.

i thought that adding a 6% increase to my IAS would get the nado ticks at the optimal level for WW build and reach the next break point, ive read the posts regarding that but im not very smart :)

I was planning on using the passive LS when i actually learn how to play this class with any degree of proficiency regarding fury managment..im getting there though.
As of right now i have just been speed farming MP1 ACT3, runs take me about 8 min to complete, The highest ive tried is MP4 and i have no issues there, I have been doing this to level up and actually figure out how to play the class. I suppose my goal is to be able to play on MP10 but i have no desire to go for the world record for killing leets just looking to survive:D

Roger that on the MH...already been looking into that.

Ahh so i would have to add an additional 16% of IAS to get to 2.86/2.5.? ugh...lol

Well i suppose my goal really is a mid MP lv farm with some efficiency i can do it but not as fast as i would like
Regarding my MH, what should the attacks per second be on that as too not create a disparity for my ticks on nados from my MH to OH, or do most people just take care to ensure they are on the wep with the highest atk spd prior to engaging RLTW?

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