Help with my wizard, please.

Ok, instead of laughing or attacking me, please please try to help me first :D

My damage IS laughable, but I don't know where I can get more damage. I am using the Goldskin cause I die so much and need money for repairs. You might be annoyed with this tidbit I'm about to share. I still join inferno games... to leech experience and hope for good drops lol That would be cool. I can barely kill a few monsters, but I am usually the one who revives others and casts blizzard and slow time to try to help.

Exactly what is wrong with my wizard and how can I fix it? I have tried to get intelligence from items, and vitality to stay alive. I thought about getting a good wand, but I haven't found a better one than mine... except a couple that were like millions, and I haven't been over 1.5 millions gold so far at any point.

Please help!
First you need to not die too much so you don't spend money on repairs.
Slowly upgrade one piece at a time until you have at least 500 resist all.
ill help you add me in game
All of your armor pieces should have some amount of the following:

All Resist
Armor and/or Strength

When you're not dying much anymore, it's time to start upgrading your DPS. You can start stacking the following stats on your jewelry:
Crit Chance
Average Damage
Crit Damage

Switch one piece at a time without sacrificing defensive stats.

Try to save up 1 million gold at a time, then replace a piece with the best you can afford with 1 million gold. Then scout the auction house for bargains and snipe them in the last 5 seconds.

Rinse and repeat until none of your pieces can be upgraded for 1 million gold, then 5 million gold, then 10 million gold, and so on.

Hope this helps.
There is no reason to have Archon in your build with such low DPS. Take it out and put in Magic Weapon with Blood Magic, or if you want to die less, use Teleport with Fracture, or Diamond Skin with Crystal Shell. Archon is a build unto itself, I don't see any reason to use it at all unless your build revolves around it...and you'll need about three times the DPS that you have to support such a build.

First, buy a black (non-elemental) weapon and a Triumvirate source. You can get a budget Echoing Fury and Triumvirate for dirt cheap these days, so that might be a good place to start.

Gloves and jewelry are DPS slots, meaning they can roll critical chance, critical damage, and attack speed. Try to buy only items that have at least one (if not two) of those affixes in those slots. Prioritize crit chance over crit damage at first...once you have a lot of crit chance, crit damage will be much more helpful.

For chest armor, pants, shoulders, belt, and boots, try to get all resist and armor with the best stats you can afford. Obviously go for int and vit, but a str roll is also nice because it will increase your armor. Same for helmets and bracers, but they can also roll crit chance, so look for that in those slots where you can afford it.

Don't ignore luxury stats like life regen, pickup radius, and health globe bonus. Those are all very helpful stats.

Low-end legendaries are super cheap these days, do some searching on the AH with "legendary" selected in the drop down box. You should be able to find huge upgrades on your current gear for rock bottom prices. Storm Crow, Strongarm Bracers, Blackthorne's set pieces, Tal Rasha's set pieces, Zunimassa's set pieces, Vile Ward, Tyreal's Might, Depth Diggers, all very good items for wizards that you can get for fairly cheap.
a little help here

im aiming for atleast 100k dmg unbuffed. wut gears / build shud i get?
im also on a tight budget, atleast 6m ( i dont have that much gold) anyways,
im tired of going CM wiz cause i dont do that much dmg and its pretty slow.
am i doing this right? need ur opinion guys
I added you I can definitely help u out bro.
Please see my wizard and tell me which part i should improve.

I don't think i can do MP stuff with this built. I die with a couple of hits instantly.
Ahhh, awesome help guys! I will look into buying the correct gear now. And yes, I guess Archon will go, I usually used it when my party left me behind (lol) and I had to deal with a few critters by myself :D

Thanks guys for the friend requests... but ok, excuse me here for my absolute ignorance, but once I accept your friend requests... umm, how can you help me? lol I never had friends on Diablo 2, and less here, so i have no clue how this works.

Regardless, thanks so much for the help!
They are going to bend you over and... just kidding :P

They will ask you to link your gear in chat, and find better gear for you in their own stash and drop that hot !@#$ on the ground. Free!

Most of the well geared wizards here have lots of gear in their stash that is way better than your gear and that is worth peanuts (at least to them). Giving it away to someone looking for help makes us feel good :)

A lot of that stuff is just not worth enough for some people to even try to sell it because you have stuff worth way more on the auction house. Might as well give it away.
Ahhh!! LOL! That sounds extremely awesome! Thanks again for the clarification! <3

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