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I'm trying to upgrade my armor, and I'm at an in-pass right now. I am a simple DH, and I run MP5. I've had many suggestions to get rid of my helm and get a Mempo of Twilight. It's a nice helm that give some life and AS. The issue I have is that my current helm gives me ~300 more armor, and that's scary for me to lose running MP5.

This is the helm I wear:
Natalya's Sight
775 Armor
93 Dex
68 Int
44 Vit
40 All Res
2.5 fear chance
Open Socket

The Mempo I can get looks like this:
438 Armor
192 Dex
73 All Res
10% life
Open Socket

I'm reading the whole bit about 10 armor = 1 AR, but that sounds wrong to me for some reason.

Would the armor for these 2 pieces equal itself out in the end?
bump on this
The mempo is a big help to make your survivability up with the upto 40 more ar than you have and upto 20% more life, it would be a different story if the nat had cc
Armor doesnt make that big of a deal if you switch over to gloom on sp

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