ww barbarian with azurewarth

hi guys, has anyone tried a ww build with azurewarth as an offhand? i am a 270k dps barb and equipping an azurwarith lowers my dps to by 100k, however, the frost damage and 6-10% freeze chance greatly reduces the speed of most monsters making it easier to to kill them, the 20% attack speed also helps keeping wotb up with echoing fury, this may also boost damage when 1.07 is up with the boost in damage of rubies. Has anyone experimented with the possibilities of this build?
That is what cold damage SoJ is for
i tried using that weapon just for fun, i got one with 14% freeze chance and pumped my attack speed, i could freeze everything most of the time, its fun, but i dont think is very promising or efficient. I did some ubers on this build is fun seeing siege getting frozen by a barb, lol, but its not as good as a cm wiz of course. Thats it, thats a build i used for fun, now that azurewrath is on my enchantress, i discovered it works really nice, better than buriza on scoundrel.
ah, for maximum freeze u have to use it on main hand.

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