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This is my suggestion. This is my first post to any Blizzard thread.

I have played Starcraft and Broodwar since the beginning. I play SC2, and I am looking forward to HOTS. I have been playing Diablo ever since the first one. I remember being so excited to get Hellfire, and I loved the monk. I played D2 and LOD with an addiction. I had a level 98, 1500 magic find sorceress, a level 98 dueling barbarian, and a level 97 amazon with my legit 7% windforce. I had some amazing gear, including an ethereal Skullder’s Ire, which if you know anything about that item, it repairs itself and the ethereal gave it more armor (with the downside of not being able to repair it). Anyways, I love D3. I do get bored from time to time, as I am sure a lot of us do. I like that I can play Diablo for a few hours, then not play for a few weeks. Maybe I’ll go on a 12 hour binge, then not play for weeks again. I love the AH, for you can spend hours in there searching for bargains. However, I play Diablo, and Diablo is not WOW. I have played WOW in the past, and I did not enjoy the time you had to dedicate to it. It truly was a separate world.

With that being said, I would be quite disappointed if it travels down the same road as WOW with its own expansions. If the level cap was all of a sudden 70 with the new expansion and all the gear I had acquired became obsolete…. I would be heartbroken. Honestly, I would be disappointed in what D3 had become. When I played WOW and Burning Crusade came out, the new gear was cool! Then WOTLK came out, and I was a little upset that it happened again. All my gear was useless. The Cataclysm was on the Horizon, and I quit. WOW had tried to make me invest too much. D3 should take a different route, because it is a different game. I have an idea that I feel needs to be taken into consideration when adding levels and items in the D3 expansion, and I would like to share it with the community.

Hear me out before you discourage, and this is just a rough idea. Please feel free to expand on this, because I would appreciate the help in making this idea a reality. First, any new items added would not be any better than any of the item level 60-63 items now. All new items added would just be equally viable, and possibly just have different stats. A rough draft idea would be like legendary weapon that had no core stats at all, but its damage was outrageous (like 2000-2500). Would you sacrifice vitality or LS or a socket for it? You would at least think about it. This next part is key to my idea. Any level from 60-70 would add stats to the character (maybe 5 to core and vit?) making them overall better, but you could still use the current gear you have worked so hard for. So I could be a level 70 with the old gear on and my friend could be a level 70 with the new gear on, and we could be equally as good in PVE and PVP. I would like the new items to be appealing because they were different and just as strong, but not because they were a requirement to be considered strong. I would hate the day that the Witching Hour and Skorn are considered the same as a level 30 legendary or a level 50 legendary. I am not sure if I making this clear, but I am trying to express my concern.

TLDR: When level 70+ comes out for D3, please don’t make the level 60-63 gear useless. Make the characters better, so the old items are just as viable as the new.

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