What skills should i use more dps effective?

as the title reads im not sure what skills i should use to be more dps effective in combat i feel like im not doing enough/producing enough fury.

swap brawler for animosity, if you're still struggling for fury then swap bash for furious charge with stamina rune. just spam WW. bottom line, you're health is tiny, especially for using a shield. my dh had double that at lower levels. i wouldnt really worry too much about how effective you are during levelling, but a 300 LoH gem in a weapon with some LoH already on it is a godsend while levelling. I highly recommend DW while leveling with the aforementioned...

invest in some better gear and go on a higher MP and you wont have many fury issues
works like a charm thank you :) ill work on finding a weapon u suggested and on the gem might be hard to come by tho

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