Returning player, have some questions.

Hey guys, I just started playing again (I left just when 1.05 was released) and I have some doubts.

-What MP would be best for me to farm keys? I've tried MP2, MP5 and MP7 on Act1 (never timing it) and everything went fine. I mean it always took me more than 10 mins because I'm bad finding the keeper but I've only died (on MP5 and MP7) when I forgot to move against molten/plague/arcane elites, otherwise everything is easy.

-What MP should I try for soloing Ubers? I'm want to find a party for this too (everyone I knew that played isn't playing much or at all these days), in a party what MP should I try?

-For paragon leveling I've read everywhere that act3 is the best. Well what MP should I go for? What is the best route in Act3 for leveling? (is there a guide or video to show me the best route?

-And last about my build. I'm not chaning to TR since I don't have the gear and at least right now I'm low on funds. So with my gear, is my build alright for Ubers and paragon leveling?
Do you recommend any changes?

No answers makes me a sad panda :(
If you are not dying in MP6 then that is where i would reccommend farming for keys. It has a good balance of drop chance vs time to get the job done.

Soloing Ubers really depends on your playstyle. Try MP5 and see how you get on if it works for ya step it up a notch. (Same if its to hard knock it back a notch)

Paragon leveling really needs a TR build to be effective but if you dont have gold to spend then get as much MS as possible and do runs through ACT 3. Watch this for more of an idea: this should let you know where to go for each run for max xp per run... your build needs to be max dps (conviction-overawe mantra) as you want to do xp runs MP0 and kill as quickly as you can! Your build will obviously need to be a little more on the survivbal side for ubers :)

I am no pro just offering a bit of friendly advice as i myself have just started the Tempest Rush thing for paragon leveling :) Good luck!
Also you could prob drop the vit gems for greenys :) as long as you keep 40k hp should be enough
Thanks, yeah I really need more emeralds. Gonna work a it.
Cool I'll try timing one MP7 key run and MP6 and see the diference.

Thanks for the link about paragon leveling. The true is that I'm mostly broke right now, have just a little more than 3mil gold. But I imagine that although TR is the best way to level, it can't be the only good way.
I'll try switching my mantra to Conviction for leveling. Maybe I can compensate not being TR by leveling on MP1?
Nothing wrong with MP1 i play it all the time just not for the TR build.

Add me in game if ya want i do alot of MP5 runs just for fun and always finishing with the keywarden. I get a reasonable amount of xp doin this.

TR build really is just for the guys who want to quickly max out P100 in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Can explain a bit more in game about how i am progressing my monk and always keen on farming with 2 monks its alot of fun!

Cool, mine is Crazy4Swift#1946. Add me too, I don't have a schedule to play (it's mostly when I'm free from work), I'll like to do some runs sometime.
Ok cool. My playtimes vary also as have to work around work/family. Im also in NZ so hopefully our playtimes are around the same lol. See you online :)
Up for more answers to my first post.

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