MP1 Machine 2xfight trouble - getting owned..

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Hey guys,

Getting smashed here with current build. Can anyone recommend anything - up against Siege breaker and Zoltan.
hungering arrow-> bola shot with stun rune
Elemental arrow -> spike trap (echoing blast)
sharpshooter-> either engineering or perfectionist
bat-> sentry(spitfire or guardian)
SOJ is helpful here. Not only you gain 20-30% bonus damage, but also 9-10 discipline.

ALso dont make ubers on mp1, its a waste of machine. Get a party and try higher mp. If you have friends you can focus on killing bosses, not kiting.
This is my build for when I do ubers:!XeY!ZcYYZa

I hate it when Kulle moves around a tonne, so Bola + RoV will keep him stunned quite a bit which lets you use Spike Traps a lot better.

Obviously Gloom when you want to dmg SB and I use SS as my "panic" button in case I space out and a Fireball comes flying at me.

Also Zathroth is right, do it on a higher MP with a group, this build works wonders when you have a tank.
I was able to do up to MP5 Solo with a 2 Socket Manti and a BL + HA Spray build. You DO need to put both Gloom AND Smoke Screen on your bar, however. Vault is nice, but not necessary.

Higher than MP5, you might wanna change builds. You may be doing something wrong
People look for more members for ubers all the time in trade or general chat, doing it by yourself is an immense waste of machines. In a group you just need one machine for three portals. Doing it solo you need three machines for three portals. Not to mention that in a group you can do higher MP levels. You have almost no shot at getting an organ at MP1, and you would be fine doing a group at MP5-6 or so.
Add me. I typically only do MP10 Uber runs. Your gear is decent enough to do MP7 if you spec out your skills correctly. Possibly MP10 once you get used to the build.

My MP10 Uber build is not in my profile right now, but pretty much.

Bola- Thunder Ball
Sentry- Guardian
Spike Trap- Echoing Blast.

Night Stalker
I agree that doing ubers alone is a waste of machines. Join the Looking for Group chat channel. And although Sentry is quite helpful, be careful with its placement against Khule/Siege. Make sure you place it such that it's firing on Khule. If it's firing on Siege, the reflect damage will make it impossible to resurrect fallen comrades.
Doing solo ubers isn't a waste of time, its the ultimate test in this game. Now I don't recommend you start doing them until you've gained enough experience in team ubers or have a significant amount of eHP and DPS, emphasis on the eHP.

I've done MP10 ubers in a group ~70 times. Started off with CM Wiz, but realized that was too easy and boring. Switched to mix classed (no Wiz) ubers and that was fun. Finally got a chance to do an all DH MP10 run with BAMBAM, Michael31, and iKrow and that was ALOT of fun.

So my last goal is to finish up the MP10 solo uber run. The Skele/Mag and Ghom/Rak fights are easy to complete solo. It's the Siege/Kulle fight that is a pain. Here's my setup for them, been able to solo them at MP8 so far (haven't tried MP9 solo, and failed miserably on this fight in MP10 solo).

Primary - Bola -> Thunderball
Secondary - Spike Trap -> Echoing
Preparation -> Battle Scars

and most importantly - Companion -> Boar

In a team uber, the Boar isn't needed, you're better off with Sentry - Guardian. It's tougher in this fight as the sentry fire will tick off health against Siege (due to reflect) slowly unless you have Gloom up.

You need a meat shield to melee in this fight unless you have a massive amount of DPS/eHP. I know some DHs that have finished MP10 solos used just the boar for a meat shield, but I prefer the Templar and Boar combo.
Sure it can be fun as a challenge, but from looking at OP's gear I am thinking he may not even have a ring yet. It's one thing to do it as a challenge, and it's quite another to do it solo to get rings.

I did all the bosses solo at MP5 myself just for fun, but that was a long while back. Hmmm... thinking about it, it might actually be fun to try them at higher MP levels solo. But I still don't have a really good hellfire ring after about 50. :P I keep getting them with dmg+as, dmg+cd, dmg+cc, dmg+socket, but never with CC+CD or AS+CC or AS+CD or anything really good. I still lose 17k+ dps swapping in my HF ring but I've pretty much given up on getting a good one....
Yeah, the zk/siege fight is the toughest one to solo. I've done it on mp5 before but I die a lot to zk's attacks, the boar helps somewhat but dies too much for my liking.

I have an alt account that I use for extra auctions/storage so I built a lvl 60 WD on that account specifically for taking on ubers. I geared the WD for tons of life regen and ehp and basically at the start of the uber battle I move her and her pets up next to the bosses then go to town with my DH from a distance. She provides much better distraction then the boar ever could plus if the DH dies I can use her to raise. I went from barely being able to do mp5 to being able to do mp7 ubers.

It's obviously better if you have some other people at your same level to run ubers with but I've found over time my friends don't really want to run them anymore or we are on different schedules, and I've had some pretty awful groups where others can't stay alive for more than a few seconds or basically don't do enough dps to overcome how much extra hp the ubers have for adding another person. So it's nice to have an option to solo them yourself.
You can use skills other have said but there is important key points when u do uber.
Here is list u cant not get 1shotted by. If u do, uber or that mp is not for u, either in solo or team.

1. Fireball from kull
2. Rocks from kull pick up
4. Blades from gnome's buddy
5. Butterfly from magda.

My items and skills are saves on my profile, but hp didnt for some reason. Its 64k hp

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