GEAR HELP want to farm keys MP7+

any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks.
man little monkey you need to re gear more AR and Vit. YOu need two weps with LS if your only pushing that kind of dps.

ytar bless you.
not a bad monk, i'd say drop inna's chest for a blackthornes with double resist 150+ vit and as much dex as you can find. on your jewelery, try and get an average damage range, like 30-60. you'll probably need some more loh, at least 500 minimum. more crit hit on your gloves, bigger gems for your weapons. i'd also drop guardian path, i personally like resolve for ubers but transendance/near death experience or beacon of ytar are other decent options.

key to higher mp's is sustain and ehp. 600 all resist / 40k hp is a good start. ls/loh depends, with your lower damage i'd probably want close to 1000 loh, ammy's and weapons can roll up to 940 or so.
thanks guys really appreciate it. anything else?
Please read:

If after that, you still aren't clear on what to do, update your OP with your budget, where you often struggle (be it situations, kill time, etc), some critical self-analysis with tools provided and identify where you think your problems lie and some ideas on where you think you may go.

You will likely garner much more helpful responses from members of the community if you do this. Good luck.

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