New CM Wiz gearcheck please

Hi there,
I just started playing Diablo 3 again recently after 8 months off. I got my Wizard to 60 about a week ago, and I've been researching how to build CM/WW. I've got about 30m left to spend, and I'm not sure what to upgrade now. Can anyone give me some ideas?

EDIT: Also what should my wizard be capable of doing? And what would be most optimal? (MP1 Paragon farming, key farming, etc)
nice wiz man. u did good homework.

Now all ur upgrades are more than 30m. Sorry just way it goes. More AR more ARMOR. So like a AR ARMOR tal rashy chest is 100m+. AR ARMOR BT pants 50m +. AR ARMOR WH 100m+.

Then DPS... Crit mempo 200m+..more dps source 200m+... shoulders like mine 80m +...and so on.

Maybe if you're willing to lose some VIT AR ARMOR like 150 int 5.5 crit bracer can be had at 30m.
Thank you for your input!
See my edit. I think u can find some better bracers. And MP wise like 4-5 prolly.

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