What am I doing wrong?

Can someone give me advice on what I should do with my barb? Can't buy high tier gear, so budget. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/BlackBaron-6706/hero/25019491
what build are you trying to run? With a skorn a HotA/Rend build is the best bet (to take advantage of the high damage of it, but urs is pretty low dps) but your skills are somewhat set for a ww/sprint build, which having that slow skorn make it much tougher than dual wielding.
Yeah but you see....WW build is a lot of fun.
you need to stack a ton of attack speed in order to make ww viable w/a skorn.

So either that or get you 2 1hand weapons. MH high dps, cd, str and socket. OH CD, str, LS and socket.
I'll just go HotA/rend then.

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