Thank you guys!!! for strafe!

Demon Hunter
All the help, THANKS! strafe is AWESOME! for mp0-2!(thats all I do anyway)

just gotten a double leg drop(twice in 1 week) but yeah. again, both garbage.

I never put exp gem in my helmet till today but I got bored and changed MF gem to EXP gem and changed skill to strafe. WOW, fun and easy!

just to say thank to all the strafe posting. :) happy hunting!

P.S. as demonhunter, why the hell am I keep getting 2-handed sword and axe for leg???
Agreed. Kiting is sooo last year. Spin-to-win.

here are some ideas to try:

Drop prep: punshiment and replace with FoK: 20 yrds or RoV: Dark Rain and SP: Gloom for SP: Night Bane for more hatred.

The knives in particular are capable of 1-shoting elites on a crit. RoV cast on gloom will provide great healing and AoE dmg during the effect, plus it cost no hatred.

lastly, where's the pickup radius gear ;-) Getting 10-20 will feed vengence more and more. You can then drop bat and have both FoK and RoV which is.... damaging.
look at my build.

if you dont have a legacy nats set this is the way to go for sure

this build allows for an almost permanent strafe and you can rack up huge monster kill bonuses.

i can rack up over 4 million exp from just the keeps lvl 2 alone
switch out...

hungering arrow for RoV: Dark Rain
vault for vault Trail of Cinders (300% zorro over elites for extra damage)
preparation for Fan of Knives 20 yards.
perfectionist for tactile advantage
archery for night stalker (discipline generation)

if played correctly you don't need a main attack anymore.. just let it rain, strafe, vault and knife things.
yea if you do it effectivley you do not need a hatred generator

hatred regen

1 armor
2 quiver
3 bat companion or shadow power w hatred regen
4 templar follower

this gives you more than you need for hatred

and you can use preperation with punishment for adittional hatred


archery, perfectionist, night stalker
Well I finally was convinced to try this and all I have to say is wow. I was addicted to ball lightening. But this is actually fun. Makes leveling fun. I chose the RoV build instead of the knives and it makes you plan ahead with gloom and its so fast paced and fun. Thanks for the nudge guys.
I've been using a Demolition strafe build for a while now, and was looking for ways to switch it up. Definitely going to try the knife build, though I'm not sure my damage is high enough.
Agreed Strafe is GG -- I found a way to not even run bat anymore.

I use a combination of Caltrops/Jagged Spikes and RoV/Dark Cloud for mp0-1

I switch out Caltrops for FoK in mp2-3 for more dmg.

For those of you that don't use this for EXP anymore. Cold SOJ/Strafe works with Cull The Weak -- Making it the best buff for Strafe Build (specially demolition runners)
I had the most fun with strafe, FoK 20 yrd rune, and LFB. Strafe and FoK is for trash and LFB is for the elites. Then I used shadow power, vault, and bat. It is a fun build, but I like bouncing all over the place and using diff builds. I cant just keep farming exp with the same build. Thats not fun.

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