MP10 Freeze & mitigation help

I'm having issues permafreezing ubers and also needing to take more defensive skills for MP10.

MP10: Have to take prismatic armor & crystal shell diamond skin the stay up primarily vs ghom. SK can't take his whirl hits unless I'm hitting 2 or more targets for LoH to stay up.

MP8: I can swap crystal shell to shards for added dps

MP7: Able to go SNS

Sheet 123,214 DPS + ring 4% elite damage + bone snap + cold blooded = 173k actual

Defensive stats unbuffed:
4928 armor = 62.16% mitigation
500 lowest all res (phys, poison & lit) = 62.48% mitigation
1,277 LoH. Seems a lot higher than what I've been reading people using ~800?
54,730 HP
547 life regen per sec
2.84 attacks per sec
47% CC

With prismatic armor:
6473 armor = 68.66%
624 lowest res = 67.55%

With barb shout armor is over 7k and all res over 700+, yet still find I'm needing crystal shell for ghom

I don't take slow time often since it makes the flies stack up with mag/sk fight and people get 1 shot when they run through the fly stack or when the bubble runs out the fly glob 1 shots as well. Though with time warp: stretch time I can hit 3.00 attacks per sec yet still unable to permafreeze ubers. APOC isn't an issue and sometimes when i press the skill button it goes grey but doesnt cast.


What am I doing wrong? :(
Is SNS supposed to be usable at MP10?
Is there a point where I can use shards over shell?
Why can't I permafreeze at 2.74 break or 3.00 break?

PS yes dps isn't super high but some slots are hard to change:
- Source gets too expensive with 200+ average damage w APOC
- Wand could use OS, but for OS + 1100+ dps is crazy expensive. Content with 65%CD atm
- Amulet no CD, but I really like the BT 2 set bonus in addition to LoH, Life%, CC & IAS on it
- Gloves CD not the highest but pickup radius is epic when running in archon. <3 those mitts
Rather get my build to work a bit better than huge dps too for now

Thanks wizards!

EDIT: just got new VW with str as the other roll for more armor. Stats above updated
I play mp10 ubbers with shards at 700 AR with pinpoint and 479 loh I'm in no way really tanky but if I die more then once on skel/mag fight I'm disappointed... Imo I would lose some loh for resis or Hp first for resist.. Sorry all my gear is on my WD as wiz sucks in PvP
I recently solo'ed MP10 ubers with my wiz, I made a thread about it that had all my stats if you're curious. At 2.75aps I found that I had to bump my crit up just a little higher in order to get a reliable lockdown going. Even then, like others will point out, there is no true permafreeze. You have to make sure you are hitting more than 1 target with your WW's or else eventually things will break free.

I was trying it solo with 49% cc. I bumped up to 55% and that made a huge difference.

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